This article only summarises police tactics used in Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Carbon, Undercover & World
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The police utilises a wide range of tactics to reduce the player's chance of escaping a pursuit. More aggressive tactics are deployed and appear at higher frequencies at higher heat levels.

All police units are required to announce their planned tactics to other units via the police radio codes.


Heat Level Tactic
anyPatrolPatrolling police units are deployed to protect citizens from criminal activities and will engage the player if they were seen committing an offence. In Cooldown mode, patrolling officers are tasked with searching for the player.
1 FollowAll pursuing police units must follow the player and prompt them to stop their vehicle if they are at close range.
2Rolling RoadblockThe player is surrounded by police units on each of their side to block their path. At higher heat levels, up to eight vehicles may be involved that will make it significantly more difficult for the player to evade.
3HerdTwo or three police vehicles force the player into constricting areas to stop the player.
3PITThe Precision Immobilization Technique (or P.I.T.) is utilised by spinning a vehicle sideways or backwards, usually directed towards a wall or road blockade.
3Head-On RamTwo police SUVs approach the player head-on to immobilise the player's vehicle. If the player was missed, all SUV units will attempt to ram the player off the road.
3Stationary RoadblockA section of a road is blocked by stationary police vehicles. Players are forced to change directions or must sustain significant speed losses upon contact with the roadblock. At higher heat levels, police SUVs and spike strips are deployed.
4Spike StripSpike Strips are deployed in stationary roadblocks alongside police vehicles and will puncture the player's tyres upon contact. Players are forced to drive into stationary police units or make direction changes that could be troubling on higher heat levels.



  • The Speedbreaker gameplay mechanic is a useful tool for engaging roadblocks as players are able to scout weaknesses and gain more weight that can be handy for ramming heavy vehicles.
    • It can also be used for denying cutscenes that are played upon the player hitting a roadblock.
  • Players should avoid large police vehicle crowds at higher heat levels as this makes them especially vulnerable against head-on SUV collisions and roadblocks.
  • The player's vehicle is temporarily resistant against any collision type after passing a roadblock or initiating a pursuit breaker.
  • Traffic vehicles standing before roadblocks can be used like a battering ram to break through them.