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The 2004 Pontiac GTO (Gen. 5) is a two-door coupé manufactured by Pontiac.

Unlike previous generations, it was based on the Australian 2001 to 2005 produced Holden Monaro. In 2005, the Pontiac GTO received a revised exterior and the updated LS2 V8 engine.


Need for Speed: Underground 2

The GTO appears in Need for Speed: Underground 2. It is unlocked during stage 4 of the career mode and will be available to the player upon completing URL race 13.

Out of all Stage 4 cars, the Pontiac GTO has the quickest standard 0 to 60 mph time. It is thereby one of the most effective cars in terms of acceleration. However, the GTO is prone to oversteer in corners.

The performance traits of the Pontiac GTO make it an unfitting car for Street X and twisty Circuit Races, however, its weaknesses can be improved by Fine-tuning. Other than that, the GTO is suitable for Drag and high speed tracks.

Unlock Complete URL Race 13 in Stage 4
0 - 60 mph 0 - 100 mph Top Speed Torque Power
Stock 4.97 seconds 12.11 seconds 155.0 mph (249 km/h) 365.1 ft-lb 349.0 bhp
Fully Upgraded 2.89 seconds 8.21 seconds 219.0 mph (352 km/h) 493.7 ft-lb 543.6 bhp

Need for Speed: Underground Rivals

The GTO appears in Need for Speed: Underground Rivals and is purchasable for $46,000.


  • In Need for Speed: Underground 2, Caleb drives a modified Pontiac GTO.
  • The PC release of Need for Speed: Underground 2 features a cheat code that will unlock a The Doors Pontiac GTO for Quick Race mode use. The code is "opendoors" and must be entered at the game's start screen.
  • In Need for Speed: Underground Rivals, a featured body kit resembles the HSV Coupé GTS.