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The 1997 Porsche 911 Carrera S (993) is a sports car built between 1997 and 1998 by Porsche.

The 993 Carrera S was produced as a rear-wheel drive alternative to the Carrera 4S, which shared a high number of components with the Turbo model. The Carrera S was produced with the standard equipment and body of the 4S but used a different suspension and brakes.


Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed

The 1997 911 Carrera S (993) appears in Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed as a Class 2 vehicle in the Modern Era category.

In the PC release, it can be acquired as new for 137,500 cash upon finishing the Class 2 Trophy tournament. In the PlayStation release, it can be acquired as new for 137,500 CR.

Need for Speed (2015)

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The 993 Carrera S can be purchased for Credits45,400 in Need for Speed (2015).

0 - 60 mph 1/4 Mile Top Speed Power
Stock 05.79 seconds 14.20 seconds @ 105 mph (169 km/h) 168 mph (270 km/h) 272 hp
Fully Upgraded 02.26 seconds 09.23 seconds @ 163 mph (262 km/h) 225 mph (362 km/h) 996 hp

Need for Speed: Payback

The 993 Carrera S appears in Need for Speed: Payback following a brief appearance in the Welcome to Fortune Valley trailer[1] released on September 26, 2017.


It is unlocked for purchase from the drift, race, and runner class dealerships upon completing a questline in chapter 3 - City Lights.

NFSPB Porsche911Carrera993 Garage.jpg NFSPB Dealership NA Icon.pngDrift ClassNFSPB Dealership NA Icon.pngRace ClassRunner ClassNFSPB Dealership NA Icon.png Unlocked in chapter 3 - City Lights.
NFSPB BankYellow Icon.png 96,200
NFSPB StatIcon Speed LargeWhite.png Horsepower 282
Top Speed 171
NFSPB StatIcon Accel LargeWhite.png 0 - 60 5.20
1/4 Mile 13.70
NFSPB StatIcon Nitro LargeWhite.png N2O Capacity 3.6
N2O Power 3.6
NFSPB StatIcon Air LargeWhite.png Airtime 5.3
Landing 3.4
NFSPB StatIcon Brakes LargeWhite.png Response 3.7
Power 3.0

Need for Speed: Heat

The 911 Carrera S '97 appears in Need for Speed: Heat following its brief appearance in the official reveal trailer, which was released on August 14, 2019.[2] An article, revealing it to be part of the game's official car list, was published[3][4] on August 19, 2019, and appears in the NFS: Heat Studio app as part of container 9, which was released on October 15, 2019.


The stock 911 Carrera S '97 is unlocked for purchase from the car dealer for NFSHE Icon Bank.png94,000 upon reaching Reputation Level 18NFSHE Icon Rep.png.

It has a customisation rating of five and can be equipped with performance parts.

NFSHE Porsche 911CarreraS993 Dealership.jpg
Unlocked at NFSHE Icon Reputation.png LVL 18
Infobox 2017White Car.png 147
NFSHE Icon Bank.png94,000
HORSEPOWER [bhp] 282
0-60 MPH [s] 5.20
MAX TORQUE [ft-lb] 252
TOP SPEED [mph] 171
NFSHE HandlingCartesianGraph.png
Customisation (Rating: 5/10)
Engine Swaps (8 Available)
282 hp 3.6L F6
91,000, 23NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 282 / 936
306 hp 3.5L V6
99,000, 23NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 306 / 913
282 hp 4.0L I6
100,000, 23NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 282 / 1,017
345 hp 4.0L V8
131,500, 27NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 345 / 1,009
394 hp 3.8L F6
150,500, 27NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 394 / 802
503 hp 2.9L V6
192,500, 31NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 503 / 905
577 hp 4.0L V8
271,500, 35NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 577 / 1,033
599 hp 3.8L F6
276,000, 35NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 599 / 1,069

Lucas Rivera

Lucas Rivera drives a custom red 911 Carrera S '97, and it cannot be unlocked.


  • In Need for Speed (2015), Need for Speed: Payback, and Need for Speed: Heat, the 911 Carrera S can be customised with 911 GT2 (993) parts.



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