The Porsche 928 GTS was intended to be the replacement of the Porsche 911 model series, which was introduced in 1977 by Porsche.

Changing the image from a sports car to a grand tourer, the 928 reversed the 911's layout by placing its large V8 engine in the front, which also became the company's first mass-produced V8 powered car.

The GTS was the last evolution of the 928, with increased power and more luxury equipment. However, high price and low demand eventually led the 928 to be removed from the Porsche lineup in 1995.


Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed

The 928 GTS is featured in Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed. In the PlayStation release it appears as a Class 1 Golden Era car, and in the PC release it appears as a Class 2 Modern Era car offered as add-on.

It boasts very quick acceleration and a moderate top speed, however, due to the front end weight bias, the 928 suffers from heavy understeer at high speeds.

It is an official downloadable car. As with all other downloadable cars, the 928 GTS cannot be purchased in evolution mode, and there are no available upgrade parts or tuning options for it.


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