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The Porsche 968 is a sports car by Porsche as a replacement for the Porsche 944.

It was the final iteration of the front engine I4 sport car models that started with Porsche 924.

With the new model, it introduced a new 6-speed manual and dual-mode Tiptronic automatic. In addition, the VarioCam timing system was introduced with this model.


Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed

The Porsche 968 appears in the PlayStation release of Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed as a class 3 car in the Modern Era category.


  • Despite not appearing in the PC release, both the 968 Coupé and 968 Cabriolet are still presented at the Porsche Chronicle section.
  • Pictures, a garage logo, and showcase data of the 968 Coupé and 968 Cabriolet can be found in the PC game files.


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