The 2009 Porsche Cayman S is a facelifted variant of the 2005 Cayman S.

It features new headlights and taillights as well as a new front bumper. The displacement of the 3.4L flat-six engine was slightly increased with a result of 316 bhp.


Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010)

The Porsche Cayman S appears in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) as a Performance Series racer vehicle, and as an SCPD Highway Patrol unit.

Purchasing the Limited Edition release will unlock the SCPD unit at the beginning of the player's career.

Even though the Porsche 911 Targa 4S might be faster, the Cayman S is one of the best handling cars besides the Audi TT RS. It also performs well in Hot Pursuit (Game Mode) and in the Interceptor mode due to its decent durability, speed, and controllability.

Dr. Pepper

The racer vehicle can only be unlocked through redeeming a promotional Dr. Pepper code and is only available for the Xbox 360 release. The SCPD unit is unlocked upon the player earning a total of 20,000 cop bounty.


  • It can be selected with either a Aqua Blue, Carrara White, Cream White, GT Silver Metallic, Guards Red, Meteor Grey Metallic, Porsche Racing Green Metallic, Ruby Red Metallic or Speed Yellow body paint colour.



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