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Player vs. Environment

Pursuit Outrun is a player versus environment event that pits a lone player against the Palmont Police Department. It was introduced on November 16th, 2011 as a replacement for the previously employed method of allowing a player to initiate a pursuit through ramming a police vehicle in free roam.

The player is not given a specific amount of time in which to evade a pursuit or a specified goal to complete. The police vehicles involved depends on the Heat Level of the vehicle driven by the player.

The victory condition for a Pursuit Outrun requires the player to successfully evade pursuing police units but they will fail the event if they are busted by the pursuing vehicles.


Starting Grid

Each Pursuit Outrun event has a different starting location for the player but all have State Undercover Cruisers that will engage with the player upon the event beginning.

All players can attempt to perform a "Perfect Start" by hitting the optimal rev range of their vehicle's engine at soon as the countdown timer finishes. The optimal rev range can be expanded by equipping a "Redline" Skill Mod to a vehicle.


The player is free to drive throughout the entirety of Tri-City to elude the police. Several Pursuit Breakers and Cooldown spots can be found across Rockport and Palmont City.


The player chance of evading the pursuit is shown by the blue bar in the pursuit meter. They will enter cooldown if the meter completely fills towards the left side of the bar.


The player will enter Cooldown upon successfully filling the evasion meter and must avoid being seen by the police during this period. Being seen by a police unit will initiate another pursuit and the player will need to refill their evasion meter to re-enter cooldown.

Entering cooldown will highlight Hiding Spots that the player can park within to decrease the amount of time require to lose the police. The


The player's proximity to being busted is shown by the red bar in the pursuit meter. They will be busted if the meter completely fills towards the right side of the bar.

The player will earn a small amount of reputation if they are busted although no reward card will be given and will also have to pay a fine with cash. More cash is lost depending on the length of the pursuit, infractions committed, damage done to vehicles and the total cost to state incurred.

Cost to State

Cost to State is the total earned score of a player during a pursuit. The total amount is determined based a few aspects of the player's performance during an event;

  • Pursuit length
  • Pursuit breakers triggered
  • Amount of traffic vehicles the player has collided with
  • Amount of police vehicles the player has collided with
  • Amount of police vehicles the player has disabled
  • Amount of police vehicles that have engaged in the pursuit

Disabling more than one police vehicle at once will reward the player with a multiplied sum of the Cost to State value of the vehicle disabled.

Heat Level

Each Heat Level will attract differing police units, amount engaged and tactics with higher levels bringing a greater difficulty. The initial Heat Level for each Outrun Event is determined based on the Heat Level attached to that vehicle.

All vehicles begin at Heat Level 1. Evading a pursuit will mark a vehicle with the Heat Level that it was previously encompassing during the pursuit. A vehicle will reset to Heat Level 1 upon being busted.

Vehicle Model Mass Engagement
NFSWPPDDodgeSuperBeeMarked Dodge Charger SRT-8 Super Bee
Civic Cruiser
Extremely Light NFSWHeatLevel1Icon
NFSWPPDDodgeSuperBeeUndercover Dodge Charger SRT-8 Super Bee
Undercover Civic Cruiser
Very Light NFSWHeatLevel2Icon
NFSWPPDMuscleMarked State Muscle Cruiser Light NFSWHeatLevel3Icon
NFSWPPDMuscleUndercover State Tactical Cruiser Moderate NFSWHeatLevel4Icon
NFSWPPDCorvetteC6 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06
Federal Cruiser
Heavy NFSWHeatLevel5Icon
NFSWPPDRhino Rhino Unit Very Heavy NFSWHeatLevel2IconNFSWHeatLevel3Icon


Different vehicle types feature a differing degree of success in Pursuit Outrun events; Heavy vehicles are better equipped to ram through Road Blocks, Sports cars are much more capable of evading Rhino Units and Supercars are capable of out running police units.

Juggernaut skill equipped vehicles are best suited for Pursuit Outrun events due to their increased mass over all other vehicles at the expense of degraded base performance.

Some police vehicles are a lot heavier than most of the vehicles made available to players. Some Skill Mods make it possible for a player to increase the mass of their vehicle in collisions, increase the duration of the Juggernaut power-up and increase the force of Emergency Evade.

All police vehicles have a weak spot that players can utilise to quickly disable them, slow them down or evade them. All police vehicles are vulnerable to being rammed and eventually becoming disabled but some vehicles feature easier to disable than others.

Most police units are vulnerable towards the rear of their vehicle. Ramming into the side of a Civic or Muscle police unit is most effective towards the rear of the vehicle. Federal units are more vulnerable just in front of their rear wheels as they are the most likely police unit to flip over.

Stationary Rhino SUV Units are most vulnerable behind the rear wheels although a heavy vehicle is required to effectively force a unit from a roadblock. Rhino SUV Units driving towards the player are easiest to evade by luring them into turning in one direction before quickly turning in the opposite direction.


Players can use pursuit Power-Ups during Pursuit Outrun events to increase the effectiveness of their vehicle against the Palmont Police Department.

Icon Name Duration Cooldown
NFSWPowerupEmergencyEvade Emergency Evade 1 Second 120 Seconds
Forces police vehicles away from a player's car for a small instance during a Pursuit.
NFSWPowerupEvasion Instant Cooldown Instant None
Ends a cop Pursuit immediately when the player is in Cooldown.
NFSWPowerupJuggernaut Juggernaut 10 Seconds 30 Seconds
Increases the player's car's speed and weight whilst negatively impacting car handling.
NFSWPowerupRunflats Run Flats Instant 30 Seconds
Restores the tyres of a player's car after running over a spike strip.


Players are awarded Cash and Rep at the end of the event so long as they have evaded all pursuing police units.

Players will earn more Cash and Rep based on the amount of Cost to State that they have earned. Equipping a vehicle with the "Bounty Hunter" Skill Mod will increase the player's cash reward based on the total effect of the mod.

NFSWGoldCardPack Gold Lucky Draw
Evade with a pursuit time of at least 3:00.00.
NFSWSilverCardPack Silver Lucky Draw
Evade with a pursuit time between 2:00.00 to 2:59.99.
NFSWBronzeCardPack Bronze Lucky Draw
Evade with a pursuit time between 1:30.00 to 1:59.99.
NFSWLuckyDrawCardPack Lucky Draw
Evade with a pursuit time between 1:00.00 to 1:29.99.


There are several Pursuit Outrun events found in Tri-City.

Class Name Start Location
CarClassOpen Camden Pursuit Masterson Harbour, Camden
CarClassOpen Fortuna Pursuit Hillsborough, Fortuna
CarClassOpen Kempton Pursuit Kempton Holdings, Kempton
CarClassOpen Palmont Pursuit Mason District, Downtown Palmont
CarClassOpen Rockport Resistance Downtown Rockport, Downtown Rockport
CarClassOpen Rosewood Raid Heritage Heights, Rosewood
CarClassOpen Silverton Showdown Starlight Strip, Silverton
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