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Quicklime Games was a video game development studio comprising of various members of EA Black Box and was funded by Electronic Arts.

The studio's name was registered in early 2012[1] although the development team of Need for Speed: World was not retitled as Quicklime Games until the game's 2nd Anniversary.

The studio was closed in late April of 2013 during a reorganisation of Electronic Arts.[2] Continued support or development of Need for Speed: World is unknown.

Development Team


Senior Producer Line Producer Production Team
John Doyle Nick Koufou Debbie Ho
Ramil "Lanz" Ocampo
Melvin Teo
Development Directors Designers
Andrew Findlay
Matt Mayer
Azlan Mustapha
Pavan Rehal


Technical Director Engineering Leads
Cedric Caillaud Jesse Bank
Vladimir Khramtsov
Engineering Team
Charles Barker
Sam Chew
Barbara De Luca
Avneet Dhanowa
Abdool Gafoor
Brad Gour
Nick Kuo
Jesse McDowell
Frank Rosfelder
Ali Rowshanaei
Beau Skinner
Konrad Zagorowicz


Art Director Art Lead User Interface
Emerson Oaks Tony Lee YeonJung Kim
Danny Lee
Vehicles World Additional Art
Mike Hayes
Vinod Raju
James Kiang Chris Barrett
Nicholas Sim


Audio Lead Scored Music Additional Music
Joel Deziel Mick Gordon
Paul Haslinger
Mike Twining
Andrew Twining
Voice Actors
Joe Forbrich
Toy Holmes
Tim Hopper
Jason Kolotouros
Tony Mangano
Stephen Miller
Jim Palumbo
Armando Riesco

Production Coordinators

Meghann McGregor
Huong Tran

Community Manager

Drew Hahn

Quality Assurance (EA Canada)

QA Manager QA Project Manager
Warren Buss Rich Given
QA Testers
Ryan Bradstock
Andy Smith
Gary Ginn
Graydon Stead
Irwin Wong-Sing

Quality Assurance (EA NATC)

QA Project Manager
Joe Hines
QA Testers
Joshua O’Neal
Nathan Jordan
Brandon Trahan
Jas Duplessis
Kyle Calkins

Developed Need for Speed titles

Need for Speed: World 2010 (PC)