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A ramming maneuver is an action where a vehicle will approach another at high speeds, head-on, from the rear, or the sides, in an attempt to take them out. The head-on ram technique is usually ineffective, as the ram is extremely easy to dodge due to police vehicle's poor steering capacity, and evading is made easier still with the use of Speedbreaker.

Most Wanted & Carbon

In Most Wanted, any vehicle appearing in any heat level will attempt to ram the player in order to reduce their speed or stopping them.

A Police SUV will sometimes approach a suspect head-on and attempt to disable him via collision. After ramming, the SUV will be immobilized, although it can also shut off its lights and drive away.

If it misses, the SUV will keep its lights on and will chase the suspect for a short period of time, and then will leave the pursuit. SUVs usually come in small squadrons of two.

This technique is used in Carbon as well, but not as often. It must be noted that the Police SUVs sometimes don't appear on the mini map during gameplay, which could rule it as a surprise if the player is in the SUVs location.

Need for Speed: World

In World, it utilizes the same technique seen in Most Wanted and Carbon. Though on impact, the SUVs would stop moving if driving above 60 mph but will leave their sirens on. If the SUV misses or lightly touches the player, it will turn around and continue to chase the player by using techniques seen on regular police vehicles during a pursuit.

Hot Pursuit (2010) & The Run


Hot Pursuit ramming.

Ramming plays a bigger part in Hot Pursuit, as it's required in Hot Pursuit and Interceptor. It is the most common and most effective way to bust racers.

Police vehicles in Hot Pursuit and The Run driven by AI frequently tend to ram the player from behind or from the side. The police in The Run sometimes use the Porsche Cayenne Turbo to chase the player and ram them.

Unlike previous instalments, head-on rams are not performed in both games.

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