Ray Krieger is a racing driver that appears in Need for Speed: ProStreet as the Grip King.

Need for Speed: ProStreet

Ray is a member of the Grip Runners racing crew, and was crowned the Grip King by the G-Effect racing organisation.

He drives a BMW M3 (E92) throughout the career and only competes in grip events. Many of his records held by other racing organisations and course locations can be beaten by the player in career mode.

Ryan Cooper is required to dominate the Willow Springs race day within the G-Effect organisation before they can challenge Ray's Grip King title at the Grip King Challenge: Willow Springs II race day.

Image Make Blueprint Specifications
NFSPSBMWM3E92RayKrieger BMWSmallMain
Tier 3

Need for Speed: Shift

Ray Krieger appears in the PlayStation Portable release of Need for Speed: Shift, driving an Acura NSX.


  • Krieger is the German word for "warrior".
  • A Grip King edition BMW M3 (E92) appears in Need for Speed: World.
  • In Need for Speed: Heat, there is an Easter egg reference to Ray Krieger with a sign for the Krieger Bridge, which can be found in Fairview Fields, Palm City.


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