Rematch is the sixteenth Job mission in Need for Speed: Undercover. Carmen Mendez contacts the player and challenges them to a rematch after their last race in the mission - "The Game."

The mission begins with the player in the midst of a race with Carmen Mendez along Interstate North (I-10) at 7:31 p.m. Carmen Mendez is driving a modified Shelby GT500 (1967) and is now ready for a rematch.

Carmen is attacked by two "goons" each driving a black Lexus IS-F midway through the race. The player must take down the goons before they wreck Carmen's car but without letting her out of their sight or else they'll fail the mission.

The player and Carmen are hiding away in Palm Harbor. Carmen wonders who the attackers are and if the player thinks that these are the drivers that caused the disappearance of the Maio brothers.

She thanks the player for saving her from the goons and says that she's been scared ever since Hector Maio's disappearance.

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