Riverfront & Marina is a Sprint event that appears in Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

The event puts the player against former Blacklist #15 - Razor - in the career mode. It shortly appears during the opening sequence of the game and reappears after completing the Warrent Road circuit event against Rog.

The player will encounter two Police Civic Cruisers within the event. After completing more than 80% of the event, the player will be called by Mia, whom informs the player about a large oil spill from their car at the starting line. Following the call, the player's car will seize up and make it impossible for the player to win against Razor.


The route starts on Highway 201 near Rockport Valley Airport. The rest of the route leads the player through various districts of Downtown Rockport, and ends in Masterson Harbour within Camden Beach.


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