Robyn is a character that appears in Need for Speed (2015) and member of Travis' crew.

Need for Speed (2015)

Robyn is one of the first characters to be introduced in the game and often seen hanging out with her crew in various places of Ventura Bay.

Robyn gives the player Crew missions. After the player has successfully completed a high number of mission objectives, she and the player will be visited by the Crew Icon Risky Devil and race with them.

After completing every mission type in the game, the player will be messaged by Robyn to race against their crew and then against all Driving Icons.

Robyn also makes an appearance in story missions by other members of Travis' crew.


Robyn drives a BMW M3 E46 (2006).


  • Robyn's Bl@h username is @DevilishRobyn.
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