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For the Sprint event in Need for Speed: Underground 2, see Rollercoaster (Sprint).

Rollercoaster is the twenty-second Job mission in Need for Speed: Undercover.

The mission begins with the player arriving at Gold Coast Mountain Exit of the Interstate at 7:33 p.m. after being challenged to a race by Rose Largo. The player's car's brakes will fail at the 90% point of the race.

The conclusion of the race involves the player talking to Chase Linh and Lt. Jack M. Keller. Chase is surprised that the player is still alive.

Keller asks whether they should cancel the operation before someone ends up dead but Chase states that no one pulls the plug on her operation. She says that the evidence is concealed in one of the cars from the missing shipment and GMAC is their lead but now he's running scared. This in turn lead to the player's car being sabotaged to prevent more investigation by GMAC, as she claims.

Keller then angrily states that the player "sailed off the cliff because Nickel cut their car's brake line" instead and not what Chase states, before showing her some surveillance photos. The photos reveal that the international smugglers are actually Chinese Triads. The Triads' leader is Chau Wu, whom has a long history of smuggling, extortion and murder. They are much more dangerous than thought, with Keller warning the player and Chase. He also adds that they both need to keep up with their work as the TCBPD have been working on the matter themselves and got to a lead despite the two being on the case.

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