Rush Hour is the second Job mission in Need for Speed: Undercover. Zack Maio is the player's contact for this mission. The Job takes place along the Interstate South Highway (I-20) at 8:14 a.m.

The player's federal handler Chase Linh reminds them that Zack Maio is a small-time criminal but could still be their way into the international smuggling ring they are after.

The job starts with Zack and the player racing along the interstate in the midst of rush hour traffic. The player must impress Zack by beating him in a Highway Battle.

Zack has a lead on the player meaning the player must first overtake Zack and then stay in the lead until the end of a 90-second time limit or get 300 meters ahead of him.

As soon as the player wins, Zack acknowledges the player's ability and informs them that he will keep the player posted on future available jobs.

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