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The 2014 SRT Viper GTS (VX I) was unveiled at a Chrysler dealer conference on September 14, 2010 in Orlando, Florida as the prototype 2012 Viper. It was also revealed that there would be no 2011 model Dodge Vipers as the Viper range was going to be rebooted in 2012.

The Viper GTS was also placed on display for a single night at the 11th Viper Owners Invitational in Salt Lake City, Utah. SRT CEO Ralph Gilles was present at the event to gather feedback from owners of previous Vipers regarding the styling of the 2012 Viper.

He also announced in the Autumn of 2011 that the 5th generation Viper would be shown at the New York Auto Show in April 2012. Production of the SRT Viper began in late 2012 under the "Street and Racing Technology" brand, which was altered from a performance group to a brand within the Chrysler Group LLC.

Production of the SRT Viper was paused in April 2014 due to poor sales. Following SRT's return to being a tuner brand, the SRT Viper re-entered production in the third-half of 2014 as 2015 Dodge Viper with minor updates. In early 2016, the Dodge Viper was confirmed to cease production in 2017 due to failing to comply to the revised U.S. federal safety standard which will mandate side curtain airbags.


Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

The Viper GTS appears in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) as a muscle class vehicle. It was revealed on June 4, 2012 on the official Need for Speed website after EA's E3 conference ended.

In single player, the Viper GTS can be found in various Jack Spots. In multiplayer, it is unlocked upon reaching SpeedLevel 38.

The Viper GTS is the fastest accelerating muscle class vehicle in the game. Compared to its competitors, like the Ford Mustang Boss 302, the Viper weighs less and thus benefits from notably more responsive steering, which is similar to that of exotic class cars.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) (Mobile)


The Viper GTS appears in the iOS and Android releases of Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) as the #2 Most Wanted vehicle. It is the most powerful car in the Muscle class and is unlocked upon defeating "FANGD" in the Snakebite event. It costs $500,000.

Need for Speed: Rivals

The Viper GTS appears in Need for Speed: Rivals as an RCPD unit.

RCPD - Patrol

The patrol specification of the Viper GTS is unlocked upon completing the rank 7 assignment - "Hunt Them Down".

Police Police Rank 7 { Patrol }   Tech Level 2 Complete Patrol Assignment 7 
 Top Speed   6.7
 Accel   6.1
 Control   5.8
 Strength   7.8
 Durability   7.7

RCPD - Undercover

The undercover specification of the Viper GTS is unlocked upon completing the rank 7 assignment - "Forced To Face Us".

Police Police Rank 7 { Undercover }   Tech Level 2 Complete Undercover Assignment 7 
 Top Speed   6.7
 Accel   5.2
 Control   6.8
 Strength   7.8
 Durability   7.2

RCPD - Enforcer

The enforcer specification of the Viper GTS is unlocked upon completing the rank 7 assignment - "Remembered".

Police Police Rank 7 { Enforcer }   Tech Level 2 Complete Enforcer Assignment 7 
 Top Speed   6.7
 Accel   5.2
 Control   5.8
 Strength   8.2
 Durability   8.2

Need for Speed: No Limits

The Viper GTS appears in Need for Speed: No Limits as a super class car. Its starting rank is 648 PR and the blueprints are available in Underground Chapter 14: One of Us.


The stock Viper GTS is a super class car that requires 25 epic blueprints to unlock. The blueprints required to unlock the vehicle can be found from various sources:

  • Campaign - Chapter 1: Errand
  • Campaign - Complete Chapter 1
  • Campaign - Complete Chapter 14
  • Black Market
  • Premium Crate

Receive 250 mechanic level XP by building up and 1300 mechanic level XP by fully staging up this car.

NFSNL SRT Viper GTS Carlist.jpg Super Class Super Stock 4575 4500 5445 648 Performance Rating
NFSNL GoldStar 3.pngNFSNL GreyStar 5.png x25 Epic Blueprints Max 7900 10190 10854 960 Performance Rating
Stage Upgrades
NFSNL GoldStar 4.pngNFSNL GreyStar 4.png x20 Epic Blueprints
NFSNL GoldStar 5.pngNFSNL GreyStar 3.png x20 Epic Blueprints
NFSNL GoldStar 6.pngNFSNL GreyStar 2.png x25 Epic Blueprints
NFSNL GoldStar 7.pngNFSNL GreyStar 1.png x25 Epic Blueprints
NFSNL GoldStar 8.png x40 Epic Blueprints
Tuned 8486 12079 12666 1097 Performance Rating

Need for Speed (2015)

The Viper GTS appears in Need for Speed (2015) and can be purchased for Credits88,100.

0 - 60 mph 1/4 Mile Top Speed Power
Stock 03.66 seconds 11.33 seconds @ 134 mph (216 km/h) 206 mph (332 km/h) 640 hp
Fully Upgraded 02.09 seconds 09.00 seconds @ 165 mph (266 km/h) 236 mph (380 km/h) 1,203 hp

Need for Speed: Payback

The Viper GTS appears in Need for Speed: Payback following a brief appearance during a tunnel section of a race event shown at Gamescom 2017.


It is unlocked for purchase from the drag, drift, and race class dealerships upon completing a questline in chapter 5 - High Stakes.

NFSPB DodgeViper Garage.jpg Drag ClassDrift ClassNFSPB Dealership NA Icon.pngRace ClassNFSPB Dealership NA Icon.pngNFSPB Dealership NA Icon.png Unlocked in chapter 5 - High Stakes.
NFSPB BankYellow Icon.png 138,700
NFSPB StatIcon Speed LargeWhite.png Horsepower 640
Top Speed 206
NFSPB StatIcon Accel LargeWhite.png 0 - 60 3.40
1/4 Mile 11.10
NFSPB StatIcon Nitro LargeWhite.png N2O Capacity 2.8
N2O Power 2.8
NFSPB StatIcon Air LargeWhite.png Airtime 4.5
Landing 3.3
NFSPB StatIcon Brakes LargeWhite.png Response 5.0
Power 4.7

Need for Speed: Edge

The Viper GTS 2013 appears in Need for Speed: Edge with an S class performance rating.

NFSE SRT ViperGTS 2013.jpg
S 763
Requires 500 blueprints to produce
Top Speed 768
Acceleration 768
Nitro Capacity 753
Strength 480
Durability 430

Need for Speed: Heat

The Viper GTS '14 appears in Need for Speed: Heat following its brief appearance in the official reveal trailer, which was released on August 14, 2019,[1] and appears in the NFS: Heat Studio app as a secret car that's part of container 2, which was released on August 27, 2019.


The stock Viper GTS '14 is unlocked for purchase from the car dealer for NFSHE Icon Bank.png121,500 upon reaching Reputation Level 28NFSHE Icon Rep.png.

It has a customisation rating of five and can be equipped with performance parts.

NFSHE SRT ViperGTS Dealership.jpg
Unlocked at NFSHE Icon Reputation.png LVL 28
Infobox 2017White Car.png 283
NFSHE Icon Bank.png121,500
HORSEPOWER [bhp] 640
0-60 MPH [s] 3.30
MAX TORQUE [ft-lb] 600
TOP SPEED [mph] 206
NFSHE HandlingCartesianGraph.png
Customisation (Rating: 5/10)
Engine Swaps (7 Available)
385 hp 4.9L F12
185,500, 27NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 385 / 1,204
460 hp 6.2L V8
243,500, 31NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 460 / 1,239
542 hp 5.0L V8
303,500, 35NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 542 / 1,215
646 hp 3.5L V6
361,000, 39NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 646 / 1,169
640 hp 8.4L V10
380,500, 39NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 640 / 1,239
710 hp 3.9L V8
438,000, 39NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 710 / 1,234
730 hp 6.5L V12
454,500, 39NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 730 / 1,239



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