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Sal Mustela
Carbon Sal
Role Scout
Speciality Fabricator
Race Reduces heat level of the
player's vehicle after every race
Career Autosculpt for body kits,
bonnets and roof scoops
NFS Carbon - Sal

NFS Carbon - Sal

Sal is the second crew member to join the player in Need for Speed: Carbon. He will be available upon dominating two territories.

Nikki hired him to add to the player's crew members. She was disgusted when she heard Sal idolizing the player too much, so she left him with the player. Sal then explained that things have indeed changed much since the player's departure. He then proceeds to inform the player of his abilities as a scout and a fabricator, just as Neville shows up with drinks.


"Hi... Nikki said that you might be looking for a new wingman? You don't know me, but I know you, I'm a big fan. I've seen all your races."

"Things ain't been the same since you gone. There's a lot of posers, no respect. I know all the back streets, I grew up in these alleys, I can customize anything. I practically built all the kits you see around this place. So I... I'll even put up with this guy."


Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3


  • A shortened version of "What It Look Like" by Spank Rock is played during Sal's biography video.
  • Sal is played by Elias Toufexis.
  • Sal is the only character in the game besides Cross whose surname is revealed.
  • The player must recruit both Colin and Sal to get full use of the Autosculpt feature.
  • Sal, along with Samson are the only characters who openly advertise for clothing company 55DSL from their attires.
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