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Samson's Bio Picture
Role Blocker
Speciality Fixer
Race 10% additional cash
for successful races
Career Reduces heat level in every
territory acquired by the player

Samson is a crew member that joins the player in Need for Speed: Carbon after they defeated Angie. He is a former member of 21st Street Crew.

After Angie's defeat, Samson obtained the player's number from Nikki and phoned the player up, saying he saw the duel between Angie and the player. He praises the player and suggests they meet up at Footy's Diner. Upon meeting, Samson is impressed to see the player, and gets serious and talks about him also witnessing the night when the player left Palmont City.

Samson was at the finish line to see the race progress, and comments that the player was well talked about by everyone there. When the police arrived, everything became hectic, and after the player gets away from the police, Samson saw a Chrysler 300C SRT-8 blocking an alley, which backed up to allow the player to escape. The driver of the vehicle carried a police badge.

Samson states that was all he saw, and finds it awkward. He mentions he would wish to see the player investigate further, and also wants to join in assistance.


Samson only drives Muscle cars throughout the career mode. He switches his car when the player purchased or obtained a Tier 2 or 3 vehicle.


  • A shortened version of "Joker and the Thief" by Wolfmother is played during Samson's introduction video.
  • Samson is played by Noah Danby.
  • His Dodge Charger R/T is the only vehicle that is customised with Autosculpt parts and driven by a storyline character simultaneously. The car's exhaust is replaced with a "Sport" variant.
  • Samson appears in Angie's introduction video.
  • Samson along with Sal Mustela are the only characters who openly help in advertising for clothing company 55DSL from their attires.

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