San Juan is a small borough featured in Need for Speed: Carbon that is not accessible through regular gameplay, and is based on towns such as Santa Fe in New Mexico.


San Juan is split into three main territories;

  • Mesa is located in the south of San Juan, and has modern style residential apartments.
  • Historic San Juan is located in the north of San Juan, and features many of the older style New Mexico architecture, which have thick black smoke coming out of chimneys on the roofs of the buildings.
  • San Juan Centre is located in the centre of San Juan. It features many modern office buildings as well as a large fountain, and the only Pursuit Breaker in the borough.

The borough, or any of its territories, can not be controlled by any crew as San Juan is not accessible beyond the initial gameplay tutorial with Nikki at the start of the career mode. The location of these territories is shown by various road signs in the borough.


There are seven events that take place in San Juan, the smallest amount for any borough in Need for Speed: Carbon, due to its small number of roads and the limited amount of play space in the borough. These events can be accessed in Quick Race mode, the Collector's Edition Challenge Series, and multiplayer.

  • Mesa Bridge (Sprint)
  • Montezuma Avenue (Circuit) - Starter car test route
  • Salazar Street (Circuit) - Nikki and Neville teach the player the basics of all the different crew member types at the beginning of the Need for Speed: Carbon career mode.
  • Royal Avenue (Circuit)
  • Pursuit Knockout (Multiplayer)
  • Pursuit Tag (Multiplayer)

Need for Speed: Carbon Collector's Edition Challenge Series


Development - Some content may have altered during development.
  • Various mini-map UI textures for San Juan could be found in Need for Speed: World in early 2011, but they were removed from the game in later builds.
  • In the PlayStation 2 demo of Need for Speed: Carbon, there are multiple cut Pursuit Breakers that do not appear in the final release of the game.


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