Seacrest County Police Department
(SCPD) is the Police Department featured in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010).

They own and enforce the roads of Seacrest County in a wide variety of vehicles. They will do whatever it takes to stop racers breaking the law in Seacrest County and bring them to justice.

Seacrest County also has a Sheriff's Department but it is unknown if it's part of the SCPD as most counties do not have both a Sheriff and Police Department. The Sheriff's Department does however have a different colour scheme with their vehicles having a blue/green and white paint scheme compared to the SCPD's black and white paint scheme.

Only two SCPD buildings can be found in Seacrest County including a police lodge on Cascade Terrace and another lodge near the Fairview Road-Eagle Crest Road intersection. There could be a headquarters building with an underground carpark but the location of this building is unknown.


For the police car list, see here.


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The SCPD utilises a series of equipment types provided by HCM Corporation to aid them in stopping racers.

Helicopter EMP Spike Strip Roadblock
W helicopter W emp W spikestrip W roadblock


SCPD icon
There are 20 ranks of the Seacrest County Police Department. Each player begins at Rank 1: Cadet.
Rank Title Bounty
1 Cadet 0
2 Cadet II 20,000
3 Officer 60,000
4 Officer II 128,000
5 Patrolman 195,000
6 Patrolman II 275,000
7 Patrolman III 360,000
8 Trooper 450,000
9 Trooper II 545,000
10 Trooper III 645,000
11 Sergeant 755,000
12 Sergeant II 875,000
13 Sergeant III 1,000,000
14 Lieutenant 1,130,000
15 Lieutenant II 1,265,000
16 Lieutenant III 1,405,000
17 Undercover 1,550,000
18 Captain 1,700,000
19 Pursuit Agent 1,850,000
20 Ultimate Enforcer 2,000,000
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