Sector Shootout is a game type featured in Need for Speed: ProStreet.

Players race against up to seven other drivers along an enclosed course with a set number of laps. The course is split into four sectors with each having a set number of initial points.

Entering a sector will immediately reduce the amount of points the player has with the remaining points they have upon entering a new sector being their score for the initial sector. The driver that has the highest amount of points when leaving a sector will own that sector. Another driver can capture an owned sector by beating the current owner's score.

Owning a sector will award the driver with the amount of points they acquired for that sector. Owning more sectors will award more points and the driver with the highest amount of points after all laps have been completed will be declared the winner.

The king of Grip events in Need for Speed: ProStreet is Ray Krieger.

Vehicles applied with a Grip blueprint are rated based on their power, handling, and aerodynamics.


The amount of points awarded to the player is dependent on their performance during a race. The player's finishing position, scale of car damage and sectors owned affect their total points accumulated.

Finishing in first place awards 4,500 points, finishing in second place awards 3,000 points, finishing in third place awards 1,500 points and finishing in fourth place awards 750 points.

The scale of damage to a player's vehicle can also alter the amount of points they are awarded. Completing an event with no damage will award 500 points, light damage will award between 500 to 50 points and heavy damage will award between 50 to 0 points.

Owning all sectors of a course will award an additional 500 points each time it occurs.

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