Showdown King Challenge: Tokyo is a race day event featured in Need for Speed: ProStreet and is the final event in which Ryan Cooper directly races against Ryo Watanabe.

The event takes place at the Tokyo Dockyards and is hosted by the Super Promotion organisation. The showdown race day is unlocked upon Ryan Cooper dominating the Showdown King Challenge: Nevada event within the Super Promotion organisation.

The showdown race day allows all participants to drive any vehicle of their choosing but a Grip and Drift vehicle is required for entry. A backup car may also be chosen but will be restricted to a single class.

Dominating the race day will reward Ryan Cooper with $300,000, crown them as the Showdown King within the Super Promotion organisation and award them Ryo Watanabe's Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

It will also award Ryan Cooper with five Repair Markers and five Totaled Markers.


Super Promotion's Showdown King Challenge: Tokyo race day has a total of five available events; one Time Attack, two Drifts, one Sector Shootout, and one Grip.

Event Type Course Duration Target Time NFSPSStarIcon Holder
NFSPSGripIcon Time Attack Ikura Canyon 4 Laps 58.79 9,130 Ryo Watanabe
NFSPSDriftIcon Drift Drift Course B 3 Heats 8,810 Ryo Watanabe
NFSPSGripIcon Sector Shootout Route Four Offramp 3 Laps 8,390 Ryo Watanabe
NFSPSDriftIcon Drift Drift Course A 3 Heats 8,830 Ryo Watanabe
NFSPSGripIcon Grip Shimbashi 4 Laps 4:26.19 9,220 Ryo Watanabe


Image Make Blueprint Specifications
NFSPSMitsubishiLancerEvolutionXRyo MitsubishiSmallMain
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