Milestone Criteria Rewards
Cop That Take down 5 cops 5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Collateral Damage Take down 25 cops 10,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Cop Chopper Take down 100 cops ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Law Breaker Take down 200 cops ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Mile on the Side Drift 10 miles total ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Treadless Drift 50 miles total ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Drift King Drift 150 miles total ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Back Out Drift half a mile continuously ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Burnt Rubber Drift a mile continuously ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Longest Tracks Drift three miles continuously ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
As New Win an event without taking any damage ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Only a Scratch Win an event after losing both bumpers ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Wright Stuff Jump for 160 yards ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Aerodynamic Jump 2 miles total 5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Contact Low Jump 15 miles total ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Zeppelin Jump 50 miles total ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Leadfoot Drive above 210 mph for 3 seconds 5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Lightning Fast Drive above 230 mph for 3 seconds ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Need for Speed Drive above 260 mph for 3 seconds ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Fired Up Win 5 events while using nitrous across the line 5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Gas Powered Win 10 events while using nitrous across the line ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Flaming Out Win 50 events while using nitrous across the line ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Kitted Out Fit a Mod to a car 5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Doubled Up Fit two Mods to a car 5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
All the Mod Cons Race with Mods in every event type ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Tinkerer Race in 10 events with Mods fitted 5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Mechanic Race in 100 events with Mods fitted ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
#1 Hit Smash 5 billboards 5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Chart Topper Smash 25 billboards ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Platinum Smash 100 billboards ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
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