Spike is a character that appears in Need for Speed (2015). He is a member of Travis' crew.

Need for Speed (2015)

Spike is the first major storyline character the player meets, and invites the player to a party at Travis' garage after being impressed by the player's driving skills.

Spike is portrayed as a young, eager racer who is under his father's trust fund. As Spike is the youngest and least experienced member of the crew, he is often playfully mocked by his friends, although he is strongly determined to carry on the legacy of his racing idol Magnus Walker, a famous Los Angeles-based Porsche tuner.

Spike gives the player Speed Missions that are later focused on beating Magnus' time records. He also makes an appearance in story missions by other members of Travis' crew.


Spike drives a BMW M2 (2015).


  • Spike's Bl@h username is @SuperSpeedSpike.
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