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The Station Wagon is a traffic car that has only appeared in Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Need for Speed: Carbon, Need for Speed: Undercover and in some Drag events in Need for Speed: World.

It is depicted in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Carbon to be based on the 1979–1991 Ford Country Squire and can be only seen in green with a wood trim. Players cannot drive the vehicle in any game of the Need for Speed series.


  • The Station Wagon's model in the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 releases of Need for Speed: Undercover is based on the Station Wagon traffic vehicle from Burnout Paradise but with a slightly different body.
  • The Station Wagon appears in the PlayStation 2 and Wii releases of Need for Speed: Undercover with a slightly different model than the Station Wagon from previous Need for Speed titles.


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