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Super promotion

Super Promotion is a racing organization in Need for Speed: ProStreet. They are seen as the most established legal street racing organization. They also host Showdown events under the name Showdown.

Their race events are usually held with their style of over sexualised women and a bright modelling magazine palette of colours with reds, oranges, yellows and whites. Their inflatables are mostly dragons, gorillas and blimps with a picture of Ryo Watanabe, the Showdown King. Their billboards feature their name surrounded by pandas, dragons and women figures. Their music style incorporates mostly songs heard in within pop culture.

Ryan Cooper has to face Apex Glide and other teams in three Showdowns (Chicago Airfield, Autopolis, and Autobahn) before being allowed to face Ryo for his title as Showdown King in 2 later 1 vs 1 Showdowns (Nevada for Drag and Speed Challenge events, and Tokyo Dockyard for Grip and Drift events).



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