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Ford Crown Victoria Taxi in The Run.
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The Taxi is a traffic car seen in multiple Need for Speed installments.



  • The Taxi in Need for Speed: Most Wanted can be driven by the player in a tollbooth race in Challenge Series event #47.
  • A driveable variant of the taxi cab in Need for Speed: The Run can be unlocked as a rare bonus wheel reward. It is known in the game as "Super Taxi" Signature Edition. The Dodge Charger SRT-8 is also a "Super Taxi" variant and is also unlockable through the bonus wheel.
  • A white unused taxi variant of the Dodge Charger SRT-8 can be found in the files of Need for Speed: The Run.
  • In Need for Speed: World, the side of every taxi says "NFS TAXI SERVICE".
  • The Taxi in Most Wanted (2012) has a writing that says "Who You Gonna Call?" below the large "TAXI" writing on the roof sign, side and bonnet. This is a reference to the famous Ghostbusters catchphrase.