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Team Escape 2 - 4 Racers

Team Escape is a co-operative game mode exclusive to Need for Speed: World. It a a PvE game mode (Player vs Environment) with players going up against the Palmont Police Department

It was included with six events in a patch applied on March 29th, 2011 and two additional events were added with a patch applied on February 7th, 2012.


Team Escape events take place along an enclosed A to B course with up to four players working together to evade the police. The effective force, tactics and vehicles utilised by the police will become more aggressive as players progresses through the course.

All participating players begin alongside each other and they each have to reach the finish line of the course before a timer runs out.

Players must work as a team and help each other navigate the opposing police forces along the course. Players busted by the police will be allowed to respawn on a teammate as long as there are enough strikes available.

Each course has a differing number of available strikes with each respawn player removing an available strike. Busted players will not be allowed to respawn if there are no more strikes available but can still earn rewards if all remaining players complete the course.


Many courses feature pre-designed occurrences such as Road Blocks, Spike Strips and Rhino Units deployed by differing vehicles of the Palmont Police Department.

Different vehicle types feature a differing degree of success in Team Escape events; Heavy vehicles are better equipped to ram through Road Blocks, Sports cars are much more capable of evading Rhino Units and Supercars are capable of out running police units.

Juggernaut skill equipped vehicles are best suited for Team Escape events due to their increased mass over all other vehicles at the expense of degraded base performance.

Police vehicles are a lot heavier than most of the vehicles made available to players. Some Skill Mods make it possible for a player to increase the mass of their car in collisions, increase the duration of the Juggernaut power-up and increase the force of Emergency Evade.


All police vehicles have a weak spot that players can utilise to quickly disable them, slow them down or evade them. All police vehicles are vulnerable to being rammed until becoming disabled but some vehicles feature easier methods of being disabled.

Most police units are vulnerable towards the rear of their vehicle. Ramming into the side of a Civic or Muscle police unit is most effective towards the rear of the vehicle. Federal units are more vulnerable just in front of their rear wheels as they are the most likely police unit to flip over.

Stationary Rhino SUV Units are most vulnerable behind the rear wheels although a heavy vehicle is required to effectively force a unit from a roadblock. Rhino SUV Units driving towards the player are easiest to evade by luring them into turning in one direction and them having the player change to another.


Players can use their Power-Ups to help themselves or help their fellow team members evade the police. Team Escape features two exclusive Power-Ups; Team Slingshot and Team Emergency Evade with each only being usable in a Team Escape event.

Icon Name Duration Cooldown
pursuit Team Emergency Evade 1 Second Duration 120 Second Cooldown
Forces police vehicles away from all players for a small instance during a Pursuit.
pursuit Team Slingshot 15 Second Duration 60 Second Cooldown
Increases the acceleration performance of each player's car for a short amount of time.


Players are awarded Cash and Rep at the end of the event so long as they reach the finish line before the timer runs out.

Players will earn more Cash and Rep if all four team members cross the finish line. Greater rewards are given if the team members finish within a time close to each other's and if there are any unused arrest strikes.

Gold Lucky Draw Gold Lucky Draw
All players have escaped.
Silver Lucky Draw Silver Lucky Draw
One player has failed to escape.
Bronze Lucky Draw Bronze Lucky Draw
Two players have failed to escape.
Lucky Draw Lucky Draw
Three players have failed to escape.


There are eight Team Escape events available in Need for Speed: World. Each event is class-restricted with the exception of Underground and High Stakes.

Class Name Start Location Length Heat Level Strikes Time Limit Players
Class E Event All In Neon Mile, Silverton 7.07 mi  (11.38 km) 2 2 4:00 4 Players
Class D Event Outlaws Mason District, Downtown Palmont 8.43 mi  (13.57 km) 3 1 6:30 4 Players
Class C Event Home Run Forest Green Country Club, Rosewood 9.72 mi  (15.65 km) 3 3 6:30 4 Players
Class B Event Compromised Ocean View, Fortuna 11.86 mi  (19.09 km) 2 3 7:30 4 Players
Class A Event Late Departure Rockport Valley Airport, Downtown Rockport 10.25 mi  (16.49 km) 3 4 6:30 4 Players
Class S Event Most Wanted Gray Point, Camden 10.61 mi  (17.08 km) 2 4 6:15 4 Players
Open Class Event Underground Rockport Valley Airport, Downtown Rockport 5.19 mi  (8.36 km) 2 4 3:30 2 Players
Open Class Event High Stakes Hillsborough, Fortuna 4.57 mi  (7.35 km) 2 4 3:30 2 Players

Patch History

  • March 29th, 2011
    Team Escape, the brand new Co-op Game Mode has been added and is available to all players for free!
  • April 12th, 2011
    Fixed an issue that caused drivers to not receive a set of Team Escape powerups by default.
    Fixed an issue in Team Escape that caused team-mate’s distance to finish value to show an incorrect value in the post-race screen.
    Replaced an incorrect finish line icon for the ‘Home Run’ Team Escape event.
  • May 31st, 2011
    The starting grid has been re-arranged for Team Escape events
    Fixed an issue in Team Escape that caused Rhinos to spin around when in close proximity with another player
    Car tires can no longer become flat while respawning during a Team Escape event
    Information for the Team Escape ‘Help’ tool-tips have been fixed
  • July 26th, 2011
    An open barrier in the Team Escape event “Most Wanted“ has been fixed
    Fixed an issue that prevented the Rewards screen from displaying after all players are Busted past 50% completion in Team Escape events
  • February 7th, 2012
    Two new Team Escape events have been added to the game: “High Stakes” and “Underground”
    Existing Team Escape events have been adjusted for difficulty. Time limits are now shorter, while Rep and Cash rewards have increased
  • March 6th, 2012
    Fixed some Cash and Rep calculation issues when purchasing Amplifiers at the Team Escape post-race screen
  • August 22nd, 2012
    New Car Classes system: Cars are no longer bracketed by Tiers, and are instead bracketed by Classes (E, D, C, B, A and S)