|name = Title given to downloadable content / item / bundle.
|image = Box art image of content or respective trailer.
|game = tnfs, nfs2, nfs3, nfshs, nfspu, mco, nfshp2, nfsu, nfsu2, nfsur, nfsmw, nfsmw510, nfsc, nfscotc, nfsps, nfsuc, nfss, nfsn, nfsw, nfshp2010, s2u, nfstr, nfsmw2012, nfsr, nfs2015, nfsnl, nfse, nfspb
|pack = free, add, update, collect, collectup, expand, bundle, retailbundle, packbundle, itembundle, order, promo, retaildigbundle
|item = Number of items included with pack = bundle, retailbundle, packbundle, itembundle, retaildigbundle
|version = Game update version used with pack = update
|promo = Product involved with promotion with pack = promo
|£ = Price in GBP
|$ = Price in USD
|€ = Price in EUR
|¥ = Price in JPY
|rel1 = Platform specific release
|date1 = Release date on platform specified in rel1
|extra = Used to list various items or packs included with a bundle.
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