For use with Need for Speed: Most Wanted event articles.
|event= Name of event as given in game
|type = circuit, toll, knockout, sprint, trap, drag, length, evasion, bounty, challengetoll, challengepsrint, cts, trade, roadblock, infractions, spikestrip
|map = Image of event route in a 1:1 ratio.
|distance = Event length in km to one decimal place. mi is generated by the table based on km.
|cops = min or max for a story event. unknown for a quick race event. 0 - 6 for a challenge series event's heat level
|location = start/finish line location (For circuit events)
|locationstart = start location (All other events)
|locationfinish = finish location (All other events with a defined finish line)
|check = Number of checkpoints (Toll & Speedtrap)
|laps = Number of laps (Circuit & Lap Knockout)
|rival = Blacklist number
|revent = Event number in rival's event stack
|reward = Reward for completing event
|prev = Number of previous Challenge Series event
|next = Number of next Challenge Series event

-- Locations --
agostini = Agostini Heights, Downtown Rockport
airport = Rockport Valley Airport, Downtown Rockport
camden = Camden, Camden
cascade = Cascade Industrial Park, Camden
club = Forest Green Country Club, Rosewood
downtown rock = Downtown, Downtown Rockport
downtown rose = Downtown, Rosewood
fair = Fairmont Bowl, Downtown Rockport
gray = Gray Point, Camden
heritage = Heritage Heights, Rosewood
highlander = Highlander Stadium, Rosewood
hwy99 = Highway 99, Rosewood
masterson = Masterson Harbour, Camden
petersburg = Petersburg, Rosewood
point = Point Camden, Camden
riverfront = Riverfront, Downtown Rockport
college = Rosewood College Campus, Rosewood
turnpike = Rockport Turnpike, Downtown Rockport
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