The Feds is the twenty-fourth Job mission in Need for Speed: Undercover.

The mission begins with the player escaping from the TCBPD in a white Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640 via the Redwood Tunnel at 7:40 p.m. GMAC calls the player and says that the Murciélago was once impounded by the F.B.I and that GMAC needs the car back or he'll face twenty years in jail.

The player must first lose the chasing F.B.I. vehicles without wrecking the car.

The player's arrival is met with a roadblock set up by Chau Wu's henchmen. Chau Wu calls the player to say that it was easy to get their number and that it's very extraordinary that the player is still alive despite stealing his car.

He gives the player an opportunity to redeem themselves. A very important car has been stolen from his shipment at the port and he's done a lot of work to locate it. He wants the car back because it contains a very valuable item.

Chau Wu believes that GMAC has the car. He says that he's giving the player a chance to save their life because good wheelmen are hard to find. He ends by telling the player not to make him find another wheelman.

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