The House is a cartel that owns the criminal underworld of Fortune Valley, with multiple operatives on their pay roll including Lina Navarro, and is run by a mysterious boss known only as The Collector.

Owning multiple casinos in Silver Rock, they've pressured Marcus "The Gambler" Weir into selling his casino to them or being forced to.

He is never heard from outside of conversations between himself and Lina Navarro, and directly to Tyler Morgan during the final stage of the Outlaw's Rush.

Need for Speed: Payback

The House controls the casinos, cops, and the criminal underworld of Fortune Valley. They recruit Lina Navarro following her theft of Marcus Weir's Koenigsegg Regera, and quickly takes over the underground racing scene in Silver Rock.

Street racers are left with either bending to The House's will and fixed race betting or be muscled out of the scene. Being run by a mysterious boss, known only as The Collector, they have ties to Kobashi-sama; an unknown V.I.P., and Chidori; an aftermarket performance part manufacturer.

The night before the Outlaw's Rush, Marcus Weir placed with The House for control of his casino, but it was for Tyler to win the event. Following Tyler's victory in the Outlaw's Rush, The House was dismantled with The Collector fleeing and Lina Navarro being taken by his goons.

Kobashi-sama broke off ties to The House following Tyler's victory and was in talks with Marcus Weir during Lina's apprehension.

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