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The Need for Speed features various courses divided into two categories; Road or Track:

  • Road courses are point-to-point routes segmented into 3 stages.
  • Track courses follow a circuit route with a set number of laps.

The 3DO release only features the three point-to-point segmented road courses, whilst the subsequent MS-DOS, PC, PlayStation and Sega Saturn releases also include closed track circuits.

All courses are available from the beginning, with the exception of Lost Vegas, as it requires the player to complete a tournament to unlock it. In the PlayStation, Saturn, and Special Edition releases, players can set the time of day for each course.

Burnt Sienna and Transtropolis are two additional track courses included in the PC only release - The Need for Speed: Special Edition.



Image Name Length
TNFS Course Alpine.jpg Alpine 18.1 Miles
TNFS Course City.jpg City 16.0 Miles
TNFS Course Coastal.jpg Coastal 15.2 Miles


Image Name Length
TNFS Course Autumn Valley.jpg Autumn Valley Speedway 3.0 Miles
TNFS Course Burnt Sienna.jpg Burnt Sienna (Special Edition release) 3.0 Miles
TNFS Course Lost vegas.jpg Lost Vegas (Bonus) 3.0 Miles
TNFS Course Rusty Springs.jpg Rusty Springs Raceway 1.5 Miles
TNFS Course Transtropolis.jpg Transtropolis (Special Edition release) 3.0 Miles
TNFS Course Vertigo Ridge.jpg Vertigo Ridge 3.0 Miles

Cheat Codes

Cheat codes can be applied in all releases that can alter the gameplay for courses, with the exception of the 3DO release.

  • Rally mode - Replaces the road surface of a course with a dirt path.
  • Mirrored mode - Flips a course in a reflected rendition of its route.