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The Tri-City Bay area is a fictional location in which Need for Speed: Undercover takes place, and is based on Miami, Florida.

It is made up of 4 boroughs: Palm Harbor, Sunset Hills, Port Crescent, and Gold Coast Mountains. Each borough is connected by a highway that encircles the perimeter of the Tri-City Bay. The Tri-City Bay Police Department patrols and protects the area.

Tri-City Bay's boroughs can be freely accessed from the beginning of the game unlike previous entries in the series.

Gold Coast Mountains

The Gold Coast Mountains is an area of winding curvy roads running through a series of mountains. It consists of wind farms, observatories, apartments under construction, gas stations, highway intersections and a lighthouse.

The truck stop located at the central section is frequently used for GMAC and Rose. The highway leading to Sunset Hills and Gold Coast is used for Highway Battle races.

Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor is the downtown area of the city as it is compiled of skyscrapers and highways. Palm Harbor is the initial district in which the player will begin the title's career mode. Hector Maio's crew is based in Palm Harbor.

The chop shop used by Zack is located here.

Port Crescent

Port Crescent is a port area west of Palm Harbor connected by a large causeway. Chau Wu's cars are located in Port Crescent, where the player needs to steal for GMAC. The U.S. NAVY port and the Belmont Estates are found here.

Sunset Hills

Sunset Hills is a mostly suburban town located east of Palm Harbor across a bridge. GMAC's crew is based in Sunset Hills. It consists of a town, a minor rural section and a construction site. In the PlayStation Portable release, Sunset Hills is the initial district in which the player will begin the title's career mode.

The TCBPD Motorpool can be found here and is featured in the mission Grand Theft 5-0.


Tri-City is connected by various interstates;

  • Interstate 5 - Located at Sunset Hills
  • Interstate 10 - Around the Gold Coast Mountains
  • Interstate 20 - Between Palm Harbor and Sunset Hills
  • Interstate 85 - From Port Crescent to Palm Harbour


  • A geographically similar location to the Tri-City Bay area exists in Poland. Trójmiasto consists of three cities; Gdańsk, Gdynia, and Sopot.
  • In the PlayStation 2 and Wii releases of Need for Speed: Undercover, vehicle plates have the insignia - "City of Port Crescent" - which is a metropolitan district of the Tri-City Bay area.