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Tri-City Tournament is the fifteenth Job mission in Need for Speed: Undercover. GMAC, Brad Rogers and Rose Largo make their first appearances during this mission.

A tip from the unknown woman featured in the previous mission - "Transporter" informs the player that she has gained them entry into a big race in Sunset Hills.

The Job opens with Chase Linh informing the player that one of the stolen racing cars featured in the big race has a special importance to the Bureau. It was clear that Hector Maio did not have this car and that GMAC's crew has a history of criminal records but none of them would have been bold enough to steal the car in docks in broad daylight.

She wants the player to find out if they have changed their ways. She also tells the player that none of her missions have ever failed and she intends to keep it that way.

Carmen Mendez is also seen before the race starts as she finds the player to tell them that Hector and his crew have suddenly disappeared but the player is still on the streets. She says that other racers are suspecting the player of causing the disappearance since they recently left Palm Harbor.

The job starts with the player arriving at the race start line on River Expressway at 8:00 p.m.

GMAC suddenly discovers that he doesn't have all of the pink slips for the cars after the race ends. The other racers hand them over to him with Nickel being the exception.

Chase Linh tells the player that Nickel is a former boxer whom has a long rap sheet and has spent five years in jail. GMAC tells Nickel that he lost the race fairly and thus has to give up the pink slip to his car. GMAC snatches the pink slip from Nickel saying "losers have to give it up". Nickel becomes aggressive but Rose calms him down.

Chase Linh informs the player about GMAC. He is a former TCBPD police officer. She says that Rose Largo may look loose but she runs GMAC's daily activities meaning that she should definitely be kept under watch.

Rose Largo congratulates the player on a good race and tells them that she'll see them around. GMAC then offers the player them the choice of one of the racers' pink slip whilst suggesting that "he'd personally take Nickel's car." The cars are;


  • Nickel drives a Dodge Charger R/T in the race, whereas the pink slip car representing his is a Challenger R/T.
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