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Large scale speed boost

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Turbo is a type of Equipment used in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) by Racers.

Turbo gives the player an extremely large speed boost for a short period at the cost of handling and field of vision due to making the player concentrate on the center of the screen. Turbo will not diminish the amount of Nitrous a player has.

The activation sound differs greatly from the nitrous activation noise. It sounds similar to a surging sound and is quickly followed by a loud jet thrust noise. The engine noises from the vehicle will also be considerably louder.

Turbo can not be deactivated after being triggered unless the player collides with something.


  • Turbo can help players regain lead positions once activated.
  • Turbo emits a green exhaust flame, instead of the regular blue colour of nitrous.
  • After using Turbo without crashing into anything, the player will be awarded with additional bounty.
  • If a racer activates their turbo system, the police dispatcher will say: "All units, we are detecting a power surge from the suspect. Be on guard."
  • Higher Turbo levels will decrease activation time and increase duration.
  • Nitrous can be built up whilst Turbo is being used.
  • The initial charge rate of turbo is much longer than any other type of racer equipment.


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