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Underground Mode is the Need for Speed: Underground equivalent to Career Mode.

It serves as the main storyline of Need for Speed: Underground. Upon entering it, players receive a welcome message before starting. From the Underground Menu, players have access to the race map, customisation, rankings, magazines and their overall progress in the game. Throughout this mode, the player will need to defeat several characters including Jose, Dirt, Klutch, and The Eastsiders. At the end, the player will race against the leader of The Eastsiders, Eddie. After defeating him, the player then races against his girlfriend Melissa in one final race.


Underground Mode features a total of 113 races. It features all race types including circuit, sprint, lap knockout, drag and drift. Tutorials for drag and drift can found in the Quick Race menu. Underground Mode also includes tournaments, which sometimes require players to meet certain requirements before competing. Bank rewards become higher as players progress through the career. With each race, players have the option of playing them either on easy, medium or hard difficulty, as well as in Quick Race. Also included in the Underground are time trials given by Samantha or TJ, allowing players to win unique visual or performance upgrades.


Once players beat a few races at the beginning, visual and performance upgrades become available for purchase. Visual upgrades include body parts, accessories, paints, vinyls and decals. Performance upgrades include engine, ECU, turbo, transmission, suspension, weight reduction, tyres and nitrous oxide. Throughout Underground Mode, players will need to acquire visuals to increase their visual star rating, and also purchase performance upgrades in order to stand a chance against tougher opposition. This is required to enter certain tournaments as well. The higher a car's star rating is, the more style points players will earn.


As players progress through Underground Mode, they will also gain magazine covers. There are a total of 27 magazine covers to obtain. They are won by reaching a certain ranking, obtaining reputation stars or purchasing certain performance or visual upgrades. Four of them require players to win certain race types (sprint, circuit, drift and drag) on hard difficulty and beat a record.


Throughout Underground Mode, players will need to reach the top of the rankings for each race type in order to be the best racer. Players can view these statistics from the Underground menu to see how they stack up against other racers.


From the menu, players can view statistics for each race type, as well as overall statistics for the whole game, including wins, losses, win percentage, style points, bank and mileage.


After completing Underground mode, players will receive a congratulation message for completing it. In order to start another Underground Mode, players will have to create a new profile. However, all visual and performance upgrades become available in Quick Race upon completion.



Underground Mode's introduction is a circuit race using the "Vortex" Acura Integra Type R in Olympic Square. After its completion, a cutscene with Samantha is followed by the player's choice of their starter car.


Type # Event
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 0 Prologue
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 1 Jose's Got Your Back
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 2 Last One There Is A Rotten Egg
NFSUDriftRaceIcon 3 It's All About Style And Finesse
NFSUDragRaceIcon 4 The Perfect Shift
NFSULapKnockoutIcon 5 Last Place Is A Bad Place To Be
NFSUTournamentIcon 6 Rookie Tournament
NFSUTimeTrialIcon 7 TJ's Time Trial
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 8 Atlantica Challenge
NFSUTournamentIcon 9 All Go, No Show!
NFSULapKnockoutIcon 10 Olympic Knockout
NFSUDragRaceIcon 11 Drop The Klutch!
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 12 Cross-town Hustle
NFSUDriftRaceIcon 13 Time To Get Dirt-Y
NFSUTournamentIcon 14 Downtown Series
NFSUTimeTrialIcon 15 Jail Break
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 16 Style Guide
NFSUDragRaceIcon 17 New Kids in Town
NFSUDriftRaceIcon 18 A Glowing Reception
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 19 The Only Way to Go Is Up
NFSUTournamentIcon 20 Saturday Night Drive
NFSUDragRaceIcon 21 Gut Check Time
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 22 Sprint Challenge
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 23 Steeltown Sprint
NFSULapKnockoutIcon 24 One Down, Two to Go
NFSUDriftRaceIcon 25 A Little Dirt Won't Hurt
NFSUTimeTrialIcon 26 Keep Them Coming
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 27 Wrong Place, Right Time
NFSUDriftRaceIcon 28 Loud And Proud
NFSUDragRaceIcon 29 Scouting Report
NFSUTournamentIcon 30 Dead Calm
NFSULapKnockoutIcon 31 Outtasite!
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 32 World of Hurt
NFSUDriftRaceIcon 33 Drift to the 9's
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 34 Sleeper Shootout
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 35 Earn Your Stripes
NFSUDragRaceIcon 36 For the Ladies
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 37 No Love From Kurt
NFSUTournamentIcon 38 Import Tuner Drift Event
NFSULapKnockoutIcon 39 Inner City Knockout
NFSUDriftRaceIcon 40 Play the Spoiler
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 41 Crosstown Dash
NFSUDragRaceIcon 42 The New Muscle In Town
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 43 Where There's Smoke, There's...
NFSUDriftRaceIcon 44 Get Sideways
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 45 No Way, Jose
NFSUDragRaceIcon 46 Double Klutch
NFSUTimeTrialIcon 47 Blue Light Special
NFSUTournamentIcon 48 Get The Point!
NFSULapKnockoutIcon 49 National Rail Knockout
NFSUDriftRaceIcon 50 Sliding Made Easy
NFSUDragRaceIcon 51 Deal Yourself a Straight Hand
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 52 Lucky 7
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 53 Go Jose
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 54 Mad Dash
NFSUDragRaceIcon 55 All the Eyes are On You
NFSUDriftRaceIcon 56 Kick Out That Tail
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 57 Chad's Back
NFSULapKnockoutIcon 58 And Then There Was One
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 59 Friendly Competition
NFSULapKnockoutIcon 60 Bright Lights Big Spoiler
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 61 Stadium Sprint
NFSUDragRaceIcon 62 Glow, Baby, Glow!
NFSUDragRaceIcon 63 Straight Up
NFSUDriftRaceIcon 64 Free Style
NFSUDriftRaceIcon 65 Drift Mania
NFSUTournamentIcon 66 Art Center Sprint Tourney
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 67 Legit
NFSUTimeTrialIcon 68 Dead of Night
NFSUTournamentIcon 69 Rush Hour
NFSUDragRaceIcon 70 Mano e Mano
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 71 Who's Got Endurance?
NFSULapKnockoutIcon 72 Draw Bridge Blitz
NFSUDriftRaceIcon 73 Drift for Fifth
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 74 Late Night Rush
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 75 Bring It
NFSUDragRaceIcon 76 It's Klutch Time
NFSUTimeTrialIcon 77 Samantha's Big Tease
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 78 Friends Are Easy To Make, And Easier To Lose
NFSUDragRaceIcon 79 Enjoy the City Skyline
NFSUTournamentIcon 80 First Dibs
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 81 Round And Round And Round We Go
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 82 Moving On Up
NFSUDragRaceIcon 83 Dragging On
NFSULapKnockoutIcon 84 Skirt the Issue
NFSUDriftRaceIcon 85 High Profile
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 86 Four Play
NFSUDragRaceIcon 87 Top 3
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 88 Three-Three-Three
NFSUDriftRaceIcon 89 Hoods Are Slippery When Wet
NFSULapKnockoutIcon 90 Special Preference
NFSUTournamentIcon 91 Eddie's Posse Part 1
NFSUDriftRaceIcon 92 Drift Duel
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 93 Chad's New Toy
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 94 Into the Fire
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 95 Kurt's Killer Ride
NFSUTimeTrialIcon 96 Mods to the Max
NFSUDragRaceIcon 97 Draggin' Slayer
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 98 Circuit Dustoff
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 99 Mistakes Are Costly
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 100 Extra Innings
NFSUTournamentIcon 101 Eddie's Posse, Part 2
NFSULapKnockoutIcon 102 Toughest ‘n Roughest
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 103 Enduro Street Circuit
NFSUDriftRaceIcon 104 Drift Devil
NFSUDragRaceIcon 105 Rotary Engine Drag
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 106 #1 Racer
NFSUDragRaceIcon 107 Drag King
NFSUDriftRaceIcon 108 Drift Champ
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 109 Sprint Supremacy
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 110 Good Samaritan
NFSUSprinttRaceIcon 111 Wrath of Eddie
NFSUCircuitRaceIcon 112 Legend of the Street
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