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Underground Soldier is the leader of Shift Lock in Need for Speed: Payback, and is an expert hacker that uses drifting exhibitions to make his anti-House stance known.

Need for Speed: Payback

Underground Soldier appears in chapter 3 - 'City Lights' - of the career. He introduces himself to Mac and swiftly inducts him as a new recruit into Shift Lock.

Mac takes on each of Shift Lock's drift events, but Underground Soldier becomes concerned when he learns that Mac is working with Marcus "The Gambler" Weir, someone that Shift Lock is trying to take down. Mac is able to ease Underground Soldier's concerns by explaining that Marcus is assisting Tyler's efforts in bringing down The House.

Underground Soldier finally accepts Mac and assigns him a mission to destroy House equipment; Operation: Golden Apple.

Although the mission is a success, it attracts the attention of cops under The House's payroll. Both Mac and Underground Soldier are able to escape, with Underground Soldier posting footage of Mac's involvement in the mission to the internet as part of his cause.

In chapter 5 - 'High Stakes', Jess is assigned by The Broker to assist Underground Soldier in gathering information on The House.

However, despite being able to gather enough information on The House, he is forced to flee Fortune Valley after uncovering files on Arkwright. Underground Soldier contacts Jess, asking her to deliver the files to The Broker, and is not heard from again afterwards.


  • Underground Soldier's first name is Charlie.