Union & Hollis is a Sprint event that appears in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and World. It can be unlocked after beating the Blacklist #13 for the Quick Race mode.

It is the first part of the Rival Challenge event against Blacklist #13 - Vic - within the career mode in Most Wanted. In World, it was open to all car classes.


The route starts in Downtown Rosewood near the doughnut shop and passes through the northern areas of Rosewood - Rosewood College Campus and Forest Green Country Club. From there, players return to southern Rosewood by using the roads that are located close to the borders of Camden Beach and Downtown Rockport.


  • The opening cinematic of the Rival Challenge shows the player waiting for Vic at the doughnut shop. A police in a Police Civic Cruiser is shortly shown observing the player and then visiting the nearby doughnut shop. It is followed by Vic racing to the starting line.
  • Prior to the Car Classes update in Need for Speed: World, the event was restricted to tier 1 cars and entry required players to be at driver level 50.


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