Downtown Rockport is a borough found to the south west of Rockport. It is featured in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Need for Speed: World.

Downtown Rockport contains a large presence of skyscrapers and commercial buildings, as well as a city park known as Grand Terrace. A Little Italy neighbourhood can be found within the eastern side of the area.

Downtown Rockport is looped around by Highway 201. It is connected to other boroughs of Rockport by three roads - two northern routes to Rosewood and an eastern route to Camden Beach.

Downtown Rockport is unlocked upon defeating Blacklist #9 - Earl.

A road is also featured in Need for Speed: World that connects the south of the Downtown area to the Rockport Turnpike.


Agostini Heights

Agostini Heights is the eastern district of Downtown Rockport. Being set close to the Masterson Naval Shipyard, it mainly consists of industrial buildings, although a high number of Italian stores and restaurants can be found within the eastern Little Italy neighbourhood. Within the centre of the district, a large park known as Cascade Park or Grand Terrace is situated.

From the north, players are able to drive to Rosewood. From the south, the Riverfront Stadium can be reached via Bond Boulevard.


The downtown area forms the central part of Downtown Rockport. It consists of various landmarks including the financial district, the café-populated Rockport Square pedestrian precinct, the Fairmont Bowl concert stage and the Century Square business area, which features numerous large commercial signs.

Within the downtown area, players will generally encounter wide streets including various tight turns and several consecutive jumps. The Rockport Aqueduct allows players to travel underground within the area. It runs through the southern area of the district and is connected to the east to Agostini Heights and to the west to Fairmont Bowl.


Riverfront is the name given to the southern coastal region of Downtown Rockport, where the southern section of Highway 201 runs through. A large sports facility - the Riverfront Stadium - is located within the area. It may be accessed by players through the highway or through a ramp on one side of the stadium.

At the south of location, the Rockport Turnpike can be spotted, which was made accessible through Highway 201 in Need for Speed: World as a connection to a new city.

Rockport Valley Airport

Rockport Valley Airport is an inaccessible area located next to the large loop within the southern area of Highway 201.

The airport was expanded in Need for Speed: World to include a terminal entrance and building within the nearby highway.


  • The overall architecture of Downtown Rockport resembles that of Manhattan, New York City. It forms the main business area of Rockport. Influences can be found in various locations including the architecture of Century Square resembling those in Times Square and the architecture of the bridge seen west of Downtown Rockport resembling the Manhattan Bridge.
  • Riverfront Stadium was used as a Meeting Place location in Need for Speed: World.
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