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Ho Seun (Chinese 何 太阳) - better known as "Sonny" - appears in Need for Speed: Most Wanted as the 15th member on the Blacklist, making him the first boss the player has to defeat in the game.

Sonny along with the Blacklist will be introduced, after the player purchases their first vehicle and enters Mia's safehouse.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted


"This here is Sonny. He's dumped a whole lot of cash into his car. That ride is worked so don't be fooled, it's a rocket. He does anything he can to get a hold of parts before they hit the streets."
Sonny's Signature Rank Alias Hails from Strength
#15 Sonny Hillcrest Circuit Races


The player needs to win 3 races, complete 2 pursuit milestones and earn a 20,000 bounty to challenge Sonny. Players will receive 5,000 bounty upon completing a pursuit milestone and 4,000 bounty for each speed camera.

After defeating Sonny in his last race, the player will win $5,000 and may select multiple reward cards.

BlacklistBountyIcon.png 20,000 Bounty
Event Milestone Circuit Event Ironwood Estates
Knockout Event Hickley Field (Knockout)
Sprint Event Diamond & Union
Pursuit Milestones Trade Paint Milestone Damage 2 police vehicles in a single pursuit
Pursuit Time Milestone Evade a pursuit in under 4
Pursuit Time Milestone Evade a pursuit after 2
Speed Camera Milestone Pass a speed camera at over 81 mph
Rival Events Circuit Event Campus Way Circuit Event Highlands




Sonny drives a white Volkswagen Golf GTI with a blue unique vinyl featuring Chinese caligraphy.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0


"This clown's street name is T-Ho. He dumped a whole lot of daddy's money into his car. He loves throwin' cash around. Work 'im when you're low on bills."


He drives a Volkswagen Golf GTI with similar vinyls but with a different bodykit.

  • Tint: 6
  • Bodykit: Street Spec
  • Spoiler: Default
  • Hood: Default
  • Vinyl: Sonny's Vinyl
  • Rims: Ultra 18" - White
  • Paint: Standard - White


  • Sonny's theme soundtrack is a censored version of "Tao of The Machine (Scott Humphrey's Remix)" by The Roots and BT. His bio video features the only non-instrumental theme for the Blacklist.
  • There are two Chinese characters on Sonny's car reading "極速", meaning "maximum speed" in traditional Chinese.
  • Sonny's bio in Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0 states his nickname is "T-Ho", although his name remains indicated as "Sonny."