This page illustrates all important aspects that should be taken into account when creating a character page. It is strongly recommended to check up the editing guidelines first before making an article.

Article Name

  • The article name should only use the character's name that is known in the game. It is recommended to use the full name if one is given.
Example: Neville, Ho Seun

Essential Content


  • The introduction paragraph should give a quick summary about the most notable aspects of the character. This includes the game appearances of the character and their role in each game. Monickers and commonly used abbreviations should follow right up to make it easier for readers to find the article.
Example: Rachel Teller


  • The infobox template should contain as much information as is given.
    • The Appearances section includes all game appearances. Do not insert the full name of the game if possible, as it would distort the presentation of the template. You may simply leave out the Need for Speed title for most games, unless it is the main title.
    • The Affiliations section includes all affiliations of the character. The order of all affiliations should follow in a chronological order. You may leave out this section if no affiliations are present.
    • The Vehicles section includes all vehicles driven by the character. All vehicle names must link to their respective pages and follow in a chronological order. You may leave out this section if the character's vehicle is unknown.
    • The Played By section includes the actor/actress playing the character. If possible, create an external link for the actor/actress. You may leave out this section if the character is not played by an actor/actress.

Game Appearances

  • Each game appearance section must illustrate the character's implementation in the storyline and gameplay of the title. This includes their relationship with the player, their involvement in key events of the story and their role in gameplay.
    • Use paragraphs and - if necessary - headliners for a good presentation of the article content.
Example: Nikki


  • The Vehicles section is used to highlight all special attributes of the character's vehicle(s) such as their customisation parts, role in the storyline, player unlock and etc.
  • A gallery showing the character's vehicles may be inserted within this section. A gallery is not required if only one image is going to be used.

Categories and Navboxes

  • All character articles must contain at least one navigation box template at the bottom, which also automatically categorise the article.

Additional Content


  • Everything that is not suitable for all above mentioned article sections is considered trivial information. You may create a Trivia section under all above mentioned paragraphs.


  • The image gallery should contain clear images of the character. You may include images showing the character during special ocassions of the storyline.
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