The Underground is a series of career mode events that appear Need for Speed: No Limits.


Chapter 1: The Genesis

Events PR Req Rewards
#Rush Hour Training Wheels Common Material: Flywheel {{{7}}} {{{8}}}
#Time Trial New Skid On The Block Common Material: Thrust Sleeve {{{7}}} {{{8}}}
#Time Trial Against The Clock Common Material: Common Mounts or Flywheel, 1200x Money {{{7}}} {{{8}}}
#Rush Hour Morning Final {{{6}}} {{{7}}} {{{8}}}
#Rush Hour Storm Highway 350x Visual Points, Common Materials: Clamp, Spring) {{{7}}} {{{8}}}
#Hunter The Rival Common Material: Valve {{{7}}} {{{8}}}
#Errand Delivery Random Car Blueprint: SRT Viper GTS {{{7}}} {{{8}}}
#Rush Hour First Scalp Random Car Blueprint: Subaru BRZ {{{7}}} {{{8}}}
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