Comrade SS

  • I live in The summer-forsaken city of Las Vegas
  • I was born on March 4
  • I am that one dude

I am Dragonballgtgoku, a user who edits on Wikia. I have over 32K edits across the network and an admin on a few wikis, notably the YouTube Poop Wiki and the Minecraft Pocket Edition Wiki. I was blocked on this wiki before for accidentally adding categories that shouldn't have belonged. I prefer the old games, mainly Underground 2, Most Wanted, and Carbon.

  • Minecraft Pocket Edition Wiki - 10.5K Edits, Bureaucrat
  • Youtube Poop Wiki - 5.7K Edits, Admin
  • SpongeBob Wiki - 2.8K Edits, Chat Moderator
  • Minecraft Wiki - 900 Edits, Adopted Owner
  • Luigi's Mansion Wiki - 500 Edits, Admin
  • Minecraft 360 Wiki - 1.2K Edits, Bureaucrat
  • Real Racing 3 Wiki - 900 Edits, User
  • Minecraft Network - 350 Edits, Admin
  • All Enemies Wiki - 1.7K Edits, Founder
  • Mario Enemies Wiki - 2K Edits, Founder
  • Injustice Mobile Wiki - 200 Edits, User
  • RT Wiki - 1.7K Edits, Bureaucrat

  • I used to have an origin account but I lost the information.
  • You can contact me by Twitter or Skype if you wish (just ask) or my talk page :P
    • Though, I respond faster by Skype
  • I am decent in HTML and CSS.
  • I am a Minecraft fan, a basketball fan, DBZ fan, and enjoy most sports and racing.

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