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  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on May 24
  • My occupation is Assistant retail manager
  • I am Male

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So here's the deal; I used to own NFS Hot Pursuit 2 and Underground 2 until we sold our gamecube for a PS3. Since then i've become entranced with offroad games and swore that I was not to play on-road racing games again... turns out I was wrong.

Now I currently own NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 and have become obsessed with it. It has barely been a month's time and I already platinum'd the game. Obtaining NFS Rivals, i've quickly adapted to the more tricky controls and am so far, having a blast.

Owned Racing Titles

Every racing title i've ever owned, each is rated on a scale of 1-10:

Used to Own:

  1. Need for Speed: Carbon                      3
  2. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2             6
  3. Need for Speed: Underground 2          7
  4. Stuntman Ignition                                 1

Currently Own:

  1. F-Zero GX                                            7
  2. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2010       9
  3. Motorstorm                                          8
  4. Motorstorm Pacific Rift                        10
  5. Motorstorm Arctic Edge                       7
  6. Twisted Metal Head on                        5
  7. Twisted Metal                                      7
  8. Wipeout Pulse                                     5
  9. NFS Rivals                                          6
  10. Need For Speed: Shift                        5
  11. Dirt Showdown                                    7

Aiming To (Re)Purchase

  1. The Crew
  2. Need For Speed: Underground 2
  3. Need For Speed: Shift 2
  4. Drive Club 2

Rivals Stats

Stats for my NFS Rival Career 

Racer Stats

Faction: Racer

  • Vehicle: Koenigsegg One:1
  • Rank: 60
  • Paint Colour A: Light Cyan
  • Paint Colour B: Silver
  • Paint Type: Gloss
  • Rims: Black
  • Stripes: NA
  • Decal: Outlaw (White)
  • Body Wrap: NA
  • License Plate: PHEN
  • Equipment A: Jammer IV
  • Equipment B: ESF IV
  • Strength: 4/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Control: 3/5
  • Transmission: 4/5
  • Speed: 5/5

RCPD Stats

  • Vehicle: Koenigsegg One:1 / Mclaren MP4-12C
  • Rank: 61
  • Variant: Enforcer
  • License Plate: DREDD
  • License Background: Seacrest County SCPD
  • Equipment A: Electrostatic Field IV
  • Equipment B: Road Block IV

Online Performance stats

  • Players Busted: 16
  • Players Wrecked: 0
  • Times Busted: 0
  • Times Wrecked: 3
  • Biggest Score: 345,600
  • Highest heat busted racer: 8
  • Best cop vehicle wrecked: NA


Tips for fellow racers:

  1. Check your shortcuts, some, though shorter in distance, still give you a disadvantage in speed, only aim for the more rewarding shortcuts.
  2. When on the highway stay out of the oncoming lane in the exotic or hyper cars, those too bold to attempt it will crash eventually.
  3. Use boost at top speed if you have a lot to spare, get the opposition out of your radar screen if you can.
  4. Use boost to turn corners more quickly.
  5. Turn off your lights in online interceptor/hot pursuit matches at night, it makes a great difference, especially when combined with a jammer and black paint job.
  6. Though it slows you down, drift makes up for lost time by adding extra boost.
  7. Use traffic and opponents to your advantage, side slam into them at sharp turns to shed some time.
  8. Get a cinematic before entering a roadblock, even hitting the roadblock looses no speed and sheds no health on your part. Same with spike strips.
  9. Avoid getting cinematics before a shortcut, you're ai will stick to the road.
  10. When targetted by an emp, don't slow down. Just use a jammer/spike strip, take a different path or let them hit you with the emp. Speed is everything. 
  11. Save your weapons for the end, that's where they'll really matter.
  12. Use your jammer before starting a turbo to check for roadblocks, once passing a roadblock THEN use your turbo.
  13. Memorize the map, know every turn ahead so you don't have to take your attention to the mini map
  14. Be spontaneous when chased by police players, do the unexpected.
  15. Ram into pedestrians to serve as barricades. With luck you'll start a vehicle pileup.

Achievements HP 2010

Already aquire every trophy in HP 2010? Here are some others you can aim for:


  1. Diverse Driver: Travel 100 miles with every racer vehicle Done
  2. Officer of all Trades: Travel 100 miles with every police vehicle
  3. Territorial: Beat your freinds in every event within any given area Done
  4. Not a Scratch: Beat a sports class hot pursuit without wrecking Done
  5. Power Percision: Beat a performance class hot pursuit without wrecking Done
  6. Slingshot: Take first place from last place within 5 seconds Done
  7. Quick and Clean: Beat a hot pursuit as a cop in under 1.5 minutes Done
  8. Won't be Seeing Him Again: Knock an opponent over a cliff Done
  9. Ghost Rider: Drive over a spike strip or through a road block durring a cinematic Done
  10. Theme Song: Upload your own playlist Done



  1. Sporty Personality: Travel 200 miles with every sports class vehicle Done
  2. Brawn over Brains: Travel 400 miles with every performance class vehicle Done
  3. Super Charged: Travel 600 miles with every super class vehicle
  4. Tropical Joyride: Travel 800 miles with every exotic class vehicle
  5. Into the Sunset: Travel 1000 miles with every hyper class vehicle
  6. Permenant Residence: Travel 10,000 miles Done
  7. Head of the Pack: Beat your freinds in at least 50% of all events Done
  8. Flawless: Aquire a time under 13 minutes in the seacrest tour Done 12:50
  9. Force Field: Beat an exotic class hot pursuit without wrecking Done
  10. Clean Sweep: Wreck every cop in any hot pursuit or gauntlet match Done
  11. Old School: Win an online hot pursuit as a racer by reaching the finish FIRST, not by wrecking cops Done
  12. Slow and Steady: Win an event using the worst possible vehicle and set a new personal best Done
  13. Cinema: Unlock all showcase videos Done
  14. That just Happened: Hit your own Spike Strip Done
  15. Ultimate Performance: Beat any Hot Pursuit without touching ANYTHING Done



  1. Explorer: Travel 100,000 miles
  2. Guardian: Travel 1,000,000 miles
  3. Best of the Best: Beat your 5+ friends in every racer event
  4. Sheriff: Beat your 5+ friends in every cop event
  5. Personal Space Bubble: Beat a hyper class hot pursuit without wrecking  Done 
  6. Invincible: Win "against all odds" without touching ANYTHING
  7. Showoff: In Seacrest tour, give the ai one full minute before starting and gain any medal


Achievements NFS Rivals

Already aquire every trophy in NFS Rivals? Here are some others you can aim for:


  1. Full Hideout: Aquire Every Racer Vehicle Done
  2. Full Outpost: Aquire Every Police Vehicle
  3. Picture Perfect: Discover Every Speedcam Done
  4. Dare Devil: Discover Every Jump
  5. Speed Demon: Discover Every Speedzone Done
  6. Pimp my Ride: Add a custom look to every racer vehicle Done
  7. Hero: WIN the Redview tour Done
  8. Minor Improvement: Add a custom Soundtrack Done



  1. High Stakes: Reach 1,000,000 Speed points in one run Done
  2. Online Rivalry: Take down 10 online players Done
  3. Vehilular Makeover: Unlock all Body wraps
  4. Perfectionist: Fully upgrade all cars
  5. Locked and Loaded: Unlock all pursuit tech for all cars
  6. Stamp Collector: Unlock all liveries for a single car
  7. Getting Some Air: Drive for a single consecutive hour Done
  8. Piece O Cake: Beat all Autolog Challenges
  9. Aggressive Driver: Wreck 100 police
  10. Bounty Hunter: Bust 100 racers Done
  11. Moving In: Own at least 80% of territory against 1 freind
  12. Against all Odds: Beat a hard event with a class 1 vehicle



  1. Fuly Loaded: Unlock all body wraps, pursuit tech and updrades for all racer vehicles
  2. Full Deck: Unlock all pursuit tech for police vehicles
  3. Perminent Resident: Travel 100,000 Miles
  4. Setting the Score: Beat all your freinds at every speed cam
  5. Setting the Bar: Beat all your freinds at every jump
  6. Setting the Pace: Beat your freinds at at every speed zone
  7. Invincible: Beat 3 events in a row without wrecking or entering a hideout/command post DONE
  8. Year of the Mustang: Beat "Grand Tour" with the Ford Mustang GT 2015


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