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  • Hyungwoo0312

    Hello everyone, for some time, we have been implementing a new gallery format for car articles, as was stated in LMR's Car Articles blog post.

    So, for guiding purposes and as a reminder to all members, I'm posting the format for both galleries.

    1.Image galleries should be posted as 'Gallery' in Heading 2(

    Thanks for checking out this blog post. If there's any gripes about this format, please leave a comment below!

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  • Hyungwoo0312

    Since the recent request for images of all the liveries from NFS Heroes DLC for MW2012, I've been working on them. I could've just posted all of them at once after completion, but I thought it would be better to show the progress I made and share opinions about it. So far these are the ones that I managed to take. I'll upload more of them here when they're done.

    Update: Thank you for all the valuable feedbacks!

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  • Hyungwoo0312

    Transmission Types

    February 22, 2013 by Hyungwoo0312

    Hello fellow members. While watching or editing car articles in this wiki, I believe that you would've seen the description of the transmission type in the infobox at least a couple of times. However I've been thinking that the transmission type information in the car articles' infobox were a bit too diverse in description. While some articles said 'Automatic', or 'Manual', I've also seen some articles' infobox containing names coined by the manufacturers, such as 'PDK' or 'DSG'.

    This isn't a big problem by any means, but I thought the description should be more unified. So here are my suggestions on the transmission type descriptions to use in the car articles' infobox.

    • Automatic - Anything that's automatic incl. dual-clutch.
    • Manual - Old sc…
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  • Hyungwoo0312

    Since Ultimate Speed Pack DLC added 5 new billboards, I've took a screenshot of them. However due to template continuously getting distorted, I wasn't able to directly upload and edit on the DLC article. I hope this helps and it'll be great for someone(especially admins) to add it in the page. Thanks!

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  • Hyungwoo0312

    Hello it's hyungwoo0312! Since I started editing in this Wiki, I've visited article for Fairhaven City several times, but every time I visited, the article looked like it was not giving enough scenes of the city, so I thought the article needed some photos.

    I'm thinking about taking photos of key locations(Hughes Park, Hodges Airfield, McClane Bridge, I92, Parking Lots etc.) and Venues(Deep Cups Coffee, Convinience Store, etc.) around the city, but since it'll be a major editing on the article if I get to do so, I'd like to ask your opinion about this.

    It'll be great for you to tell me which locations to take photos of, and the time of day(sunrise, noon, sunset, or night) I should take. Finally, the screenshots below are examples I'm uploadi…

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