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  • LeMansRacer

    The Need for Speed: Carbon - Improvement Mod is an all-round mod for Need for Speed: Carbon, and packs the latest additions without changing the core game experience. It's the new game plus for your time in Palmont City!

    It can be found here at

    What's Included? The Improvement Mod has a long list of additions, alterations, and general quality of life fixes included with its downloadable zip file, but here's a few highlights;


    • Angie's Dodge Charger R/T, Kenji's Mazda RX-7, and Wolf's Aston Martin DB9 can be found in Custom Cars without having to acquire their pink slip
    • Their Stacked Deck cars can also be driven in Quick Race
    • Multiple rival crew cars
    • Multiple preset cars
    • Multiple traffic vehicles and PPD units can be unlocked through the…

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  • LeMansRacer
    The one about the Need for Speed community

    Over the past month, some may have noticed there have been a few new articles about members of the Need for Speed community. Hopefully you've been noticing, that's the point in them being there, and there's more to be made!

    The new Need for Speed community articles are meant to highlight the past, present, and upcoming future of the Need for Speed community.

    In my time as a fan of the Need for Speed series, I've seen the franchise change hands between studios, dive deep below mediocrity from its high stand as a tent pole racing series, and even participated in a fair few fan sites.

    Through that time, only one thing has remained - fans. There's always fans of the series, some have opinions on one aspect and othe…

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  • LeMansRacer
    We're Now The Over Drivin' Wiki!

    As part of the expanded scope and the weight that is carried by being a fan site of such an extensive racing series, we're now the Over Drivin' Wiki to help differentiate ourselves as both a part of the fan community but also create a more memorable name within that community.

    The Need for Speed community is worldwide, but many don't know of the early struggle to build up the brand name in Japan. Using the Over Drivin' name, we will revive the community's intrigue into the series' greater past and its early region specific car lists.

    We hope all our international community members embrace this change, and as you're reading this across multiple different time zones, we'd also like to say April fools!

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  • LeMansRacer
    We've Reach Year 10!

    Today marks ten years since the first edit was made on the Need for Speed Wiki, and it's been an amazing ride. In that time there have been at least fifteen Need for Speed games released across various developers and platforms!

    The Need for Speed Wiki has covered all of them, through the Need for Speed series' biggest and best resource - the fans! This wiki wouldn't be where it is today without the amazing fans of the Need for Speed series and their drive to create the ultimate racing game community.

    Personally, I've been editing here for a little over five years, and it has been a superb experience to work with our team of frequent editors, admins, sysops, and bureaucrats, to push this wikia from a small smattering of pa…

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  • LeMansRacer

    New Car Infobox

    February 23, 2016 by LeMansRacer
    New Car Infobox!

    A new infobox for our cars, both real and fictional, will be rolling out soon as part of a push to be more mobile-friendly. The Need for Speed Wiki hasn't been the most technically astounding wiki to visit, but this first alteration over to Wikia's portable infobox design will help mobile users view content with fewer page errors.

    This has been the first opportunity I've personally had to make these alterations to our car infobox. I first tried back in November, but "these things... they take time", and I've recently found the time.

    Hopefully, not much at all.

    Wikia's portable infobox push has been going for some time now, and that's allowed for greater documented information, as our content has a distinct style that has been …

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