Vince Kilic
Rank Blacklist #14
Alias Taz
Strength Sprint Races
LexusSmallMain IS 300
MazdaSmallMain Mazda3
NFS Most Wanted Blacklist Bio - 14 Taz

NFS Most Wanted Blacklist Bio - 14 Taz

Vince Kilic - better known as "Taz" - is one of the antagonists of Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Taz appears as the fourteenth Blacklist member of career mode. He drives a gold Lexus IS 300 with a unique skull and tear vinyl layout, and aftermarket decals on the bonnet.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted


"This crazy fool is a major heat score. Blacklist gave him the name "Taz". He hates cops and they hate him. Watch yourself around this guy. He prowls the streets of Rosewood looking for newbies."


To challenge Taz, the player has to beat 4 races, 3 pursuit milestones and get 50,000 bounty. Players will receive 6,000 bounty upon completing a pursuit milestone and 4,500 bounty for each speed camera.

After defeating Taz in his last race, the player will win $6,000 and may select multiple reward cards.

BlacklistBountyIcon 50,000 Bounty
BlacklistRaceIcon NFSMWCircuitIcon Heritage Heights (Circuit)
NFSMWLapKnockoutIcon Rosewood College (Knockout)
NFSMWSprintIcon Hwy 99 & State
NFSMWSprintIcon Clubhouse & Hollis
NFSMWTollboothIcon Skyview & Campus
BlacklistMilestoneIcon NFSMWMilestoneBountyIcon Earn 1,000 bounty in a single pursuit
NFSMWMilestoneCosttoStateIcon Earn 15,000 cost to state in a single pursuit
NFSMWMilestoneInfractionsIcon Earn 3 infractions in a single pursuit
NFSMWMilestoneSpeedCameraIcon Pass a speed camera at over 90 mph
NFSMWMilestoneSpeedCameraIcon Pass a speed camera at over 93 mph
NFSMWRivalRaceIcon NFSMWSprintIcon Stadium & Hwy 99 NFSMWSprintIcon Rosewood & State


Lexus IS 300

NFSMWEngineIcon Race NFSMWTransmissionIcon Race NFSMWSuspensionIcon stock
NFSMWNitrousIcon Pro NFSMWTyresIcon stock NFSMWBrakesIcon Race
NFSMWTurboIcon stock NFSMWSuperchargerIcon -
NFSMWBodykitIcon #3 NFSMWRimsIcon Volk TE37 20" NFSMWDecalsIcon -
NFSMWSpoilerIcon Tuner Carbon Joker NFSMWRoofScoopIcon Tempest (CF) NFSMWVinylsIcon Unique vinyls w/ decals
NFSMWHoodIcon Speedline NFSMWPaintIcon Gloss #46 NFSMWWindowTintIcon Medium red

Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0


He drives a Mazda Mazda3 instead with the same vinyl.

  • Bodykit: Race Spec
  • Spoiler: Default
  • Hood: Default
  • Vinyls: Vince's Vinyl
  • Rims: Samurai 18" - Red
  • Tint: 10
  • Paint: Glossy - Deep Yellow


"This crazy fool is a major heat score. Was given the name "Taz" by the Black List. His real name's Vince Kilic. Guy comes from a family of cops, so he doesn't care if his government is thrown out like that. Stay clear of 'im."


  • Taz's theme music for his biography video is an instrumental version of 'Blinded In Chains' by Avenged Sevenfold.
  • His introduction movie features his car with white rims, although it is seen with red rims in-game.


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