Template:Infobox Car Brand Volkswagen (abbrevation: VW) is a German high-volume automotive manufacturer founded in 1937. Currently it's the third largest car producer worldwide, with Toyota being the largest and General Motors being the second largest. Volkswagen means 'people's car' in German.

The company owns Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Maybach, Skoda and 49.9% Porsche. VW is worldwide known for building reliable and safe cars like the Beetle, Type 2 and VW Golf.

The VW Golf GTI has made appeared most in the Need for Speed series, the second one being the AWD Golf R32. GTIs are popular for being cheap and good performance delivering cars.


The Need for Speed

Need for Speed II

Need for Speed: Underground

Need for Speed: Underground 2

  • Volkswagen Golf GTI (Mk4)

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0

  • Volkswagen Golf GTI (Mk5)

Need for Speed: Carbon

Need for Speed: ProStreet

  • Volkswagen Golf GTI (Mk5)
  • Volkswagen Golf R32 (Mk5)

Need for Speed: Undercover

Need for Speed: Shift

Need for Speed: World

Need for Speed: Nitro

Shift 2: Unleashed

  • Volkswagen Golf GTI (Mk5)
  • Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 TSI

Need for Speed: The Run


  • Square billboards with the Volkwagen logo can be seen throughout the city of Bayview in Need for Speed: Underground 2.
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