Wolf is a character that appears in Need for Speed: Carbon.

Wolf is the boss of T.F.K., an Exotic car crew based in Fortuna.

Wolf raced against all other main crew bosses and the player in Palmont when everyone with the exception of the player were ambushed and arrested by the Palmont Police Department.

Need for Speed: Carbon

The player is approached by Wolf in two short cutscenes after completing a race event within Fortuna and after taking over two territories within that area. If the player gains all territories of Fortuna, Wolf may be challenged by the player in a series of Boss Race events.

Wolf reappears as a crew member "motivated" to take down the player after Darius reorganises his crew. He can be encountered in the Paradise Hotel circuit and Deadfall Junction canyon duel events.

The player must race against Wolf, as well as Angie and Kenji in two race events before racing against Darius.


Wolf drives an Aston Martin DB9 during the first portion of the career, which can be obtained through his Boss Bonus Cards. After joining Stacked Deck, he will drive a Lamborghini Murciélago which cannot be obtained by the player.


  • "So... how long did it take you to spend all the money you took from me?"
  • "I think you were mistaken. This area is for serious drivers, not for thieves and cowards."
  • "You made me wait. I'm just surprised you were stupid enough to show up at all."
  • "Come on!"
  • "I let you win."


  • Wolf was born in Germany and was kicked out of several elite universities in Europe.[1]
  • After Party by Dynamite MC plays during Wolf's introduction video.
  • Wolf is briefly mentioned in Need for Speed: Payback during the race with Natalia Nova. At a random point in the race, Natalia will refer to a user with the name 'WolfTFK.'



Intro Video


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